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Due to fun with my internet connection, lots and lots of fun, I had to turn the Wi-Fi on my iMac off.


When I turned it back on again the network I set up was gone. My iPad couldn't find the Wi-Fi I set up years ago. So I created a new network. Same settings as my old one.


My iPad now has Wi-Fi, but nothing can access the internet. App Store, Zite, Safari, Mail. All won't work and eventually tell me there's no internet.


I've been through all the other threads about this and tried many of the solutions. At least those I could figure out. Even the simplest has at least a dozen steps, assume that the person being advised is a UNIX expert, and it's too easy to miss something. I'm just hoping I haven't made things worse.


Could I please, please, get some help. I'm really dependent on my iPad being able to connect to the internet.


Thanks in advance.

iPad 2, iOS 5, Black 16GB Wi-Fi