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    DeGroot Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I happened across this thread at random in a vain attempt (I already knew it was pointless) to see if there were some unorthodox way (barring jail-breaking) that I could remove Game Center from my iPhone. I saw within the first two posts that it wasn't possible (don't really agree with the fact that I'm saddled with extraneous software that I don't need, use, or want, but as has been mentioned several times within this thread, we all have options if an icon on our screen causes us so much consternation that we screech like howler monkeys because Apple isn't listening to every one of us that wants it done in a way that suits them.)


    But, I followed this thread for lo these 11 pages watching you joust with (basically) idiots. (And I would like to apologize to you idiots here, but apparently you don't know how to decipher a well thought out, gammatically correct and parsed sentence, so this is for you; 'U dont not never have 2 lissen 2 any 1 who dont think lik U. There just tryin 2 B better then U.')


    Seriously, loved your ripostes. You seem to be the sort that would watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you are, I happen to be married to Mary Jo Pehl.


    Keep up the good work.



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    modular747 Level 6 Level 6 (16,505 points)

    Well, at least he used punctuation and sentence structure...  Gotta like someone who goes to the trouble of capitalizing "U"!


    Yes, I have watched a lot of MST 3000.  I've seen the time before running away was invented!

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    We're sorry that no one cares about grammars and punctuations as much as you do. But I don't understand why it's so much of a big deal. Are you trying to be pompous and all knowing just because you take a few more seconds spelling out words correctly? This is an informal forum here and the key here is communication. If you can't understand internet jargons then start learning some so you can. Don't make us adjust to you. If you really need some useful information in a language that you can't comprehend, then adjust yourself. Stop being a lazy old **** that whines about youngster's jargons and shorthands which are really not that hard to learn.

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    deggie Level 8 Level 8 (46,555 points)

    Still rude but most of the language has been cleaned out.

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    Here's the thing. It is evident that many users -- maybe not a majority, but many-- don't want a certain thing. They ask for a favorable response to their request. The others say, "Just do it our way because the system isn't going to change."


    I thought the race nowadays was toward providing the highest level of "customer support", of "listening to the voice of the customer". But here in the case of the Game Center icon we have an example of the exact opposite of that way of thinking. Isn't that interesting?


    In an era where virtually every device you buy is almost infinitely customizable, we have a number of notable examples of surprising rigidity, of the UI imposing its will on the user, instead of the other way around.



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