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Hi - I am new to the Mac world.  I have a MacBook Air, and I created an iMovie ('11) from my daughter's class play video.  I want to take this project and put it in a file format that can then be burned to a DVD.  I will be doing all of that from my PC (creating/burning DVD) since my MacBook Air does not have a DVD drive.


Can someone tell me what format I need to export the iMovie project as so I can then store on an external drive which I will connect to my PC to burn the DVD?  There are way too many confusing options with the Share/Export menu... help!



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    I don't work on a pc so don't know if an mp4 movie will work with your DVD burn program. But I go to the Share menu on iMovie and use the Export Movie... option (not using quick time or Final Cut XM),  then I burn it to a DVD using Roxio's Toast Titanium. I suspect that Roxio has a version for the PC. 


    Hope this helps.



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    Usually MP2 are what DVDs are made from.  MP4 are best for online streaming. 


    It seems ridiculous there is not an option to export to DVD format from iMovie.  I have found the whole process to be a tad frustrating - it took FOREVER for iMovie to even 'acknowledge' my Canon HD Vixia camcorder...now I can't seem to find an easy way to export this to DVD.


    Any easy way to do this without purchasing extra software?  I have an external drive to save the files to, but MP4 is not preferred...

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    Hello BC,


    I would use the Share menu; Export using Quicktime; and now you have some choices (as you have discovered!)...


    In the "Export" pull-down, I usually choose "Movie to DV stream." The files are large, but uncompressed, and therefore best quality.


    Another option would be, "Movie to Quicktime movie." Then click on OPTIONS, then SETTINGS.

    Then under "Compression type" choose DV/DVC PRO NTSC. Now to be honest, I'm not sure if there is a difference between the two types I've just mentioned. But both will give you a high quality, uncompressed picture.


    Also in the Export pull-down is another option called, "AVI." My understanding is that this is a pc compatible format. Not being a pc person, I wouldn't know, but you should definitely experiment with it.


    Either way, you should then be able to import your movie file into your DVD design app on your pc.

    I would also consult the user guides or help files that came with your DVD software for any info about importing quicktime movies.


    Speaking of experimenting, it can take a lot of time to export a finished movie. I would suggest creating a new "test" project consisting of a single, short clip. Then do multiple exports at different settings.


    Hope that helps. Good luck.