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don't understand it - apple TV is so unreliable - has no problems connecting to my itunes - never had a wifi issue - but if i try to mirror from my mid-2011 imac i get the following possibilitites which are totally random

a) won't mirror at all (ie. apple tv doesn't show up on top bar)

b) will mirror briefly, then automatically revert back to non-mirroring

c) will mirror video, but sound still comes through imac

d)will mirrori everything, then spontaneously drop


if i go to system prefs, airplay speakers show up but i can't select them - if i click on it, it immediately reverts back to internal speakers


THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING.. got apple tv so I could mirror music sites like spotify, songza, etc..

what's the point if it is so unreliable



iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.6.8)