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I'm trying to use speech recognition to input text on my iMac running the latest mountain lion, 10.8.3.


I have sticky keys enabled.


When I try to start speaking by pressing the function key twice nothing happens. I can only get it to work if I disable sticky keys.


The same problem occurs with all the other modifier keys as shortcut, they do not work with sticky keys.


When I try to select a different shortcut, I am unable to select a two key combination, but am limited to one.


If I select the F6 key, or any other single key, I am able to start speech recognition. However the second time that I press the key, it does not stop recognition and process my words. Instead, it restarts the recognition.


Has anyone figured out how to get speech recognition working with sticky keys enabled?


Or a way to get an individual key shortcut to start on the first press and process it on the second?


Or a way to get key combinations to work, as specified by the help:



Dictation On and Off

To use Dictation, click On.

When you’re ready to dictate text, place the insertion point where you want the dictated text to appear and press the Fn (function) key twice. When you see the lighted microphone icon and hear a beep, the microphone is ready for you to speak your text.


By default, you press the Fn (Function) key twice to start dictation. If you like, you can choose a different shortcut from the menu.

To create a shortcut that’s not in the list, choose Customize, and then press the keys you want to use. You can press two or more keys to create your shortcut.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)