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.... the Infamous Green tint that invades the screen, is still there on a whole lot of images - not all, a problem which occurs while images are loading to the screen for viewing. And it's on both the iMac whee it started, and the Macbook.


It was a problem that resulted from an Aperture update last year I think.  Any clues?





iMac 21.5", Mac OS X (10.7.2), Pages for iPhone/iPad
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    Today, after a year of trying to get rid of thei problem, an Aperture "Craetive" at the Apple store found a way to correct it after contemplating it for about 15 seconds.


    Here is the remedy:

    To get rid of it, select image(s), go to Photo in the menu bar, hold down Option key, click on Generate Preview in the drop down menu. Wait for it to finish processing - a few seconds. Done.