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Why are my iCloud documents stuck in the cloud?

I cannot load them in pages on my Macbook or my iPad.

I have the current version of pages and edited these files just yesturday.


Visiting iCloud does not allow me to download any version of the files.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    How are you "visiting iCloud"?


    Normal procedure is to open the documents from within Pages. You can always save to your hard drive if you want a copy there.



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    I appologize for being imprecise.


    I opened Pages and selected iCloud in the open dialog box.

    All of my documents are visible.

    I selected a document to be opened.


    A message appears "<Document>" couldn't be opened.


    This is true for almost all of my documents.

    I attempted to open the document on my iPad and got the same error.


    I logged into www.icloud.com.  I went to iWork and saw my documents.

    I selected one for download and got three choices.  PDF, Pages and Word.

    None of them work.  It says preparing to download for a bit and then it fails.