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I can't seem to fix this.


I have 3 events in FCPX.

Final Cut Pro-1.jpg

I have 4 events in my FCPX folder:


I have one project: Beginner Basics


In FCPX the Beginner Basics project is linked to the event "Basic" - which I believe is the "Beginner Basic" event in Finder since that file is the largest.

But in Finder it says that it has not been edited since aug. 14 2012. But the other 3 events has changes recently.

Final Cut Pro-2 2.jpg

When I open FCPX I get this message:

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All files in the Beginner Basic project is linked. There are no missing files. But that is because I had to do link them manually, because I was tried to change the "Basic" events name to "Beginner Basics". FCPX crashed during these changes. And only made the changes to the Basic event in Finder and not in the program itself. (I think at least).


I am supposed to do backups and to move the project and event for archiving - but I have no clue which event belongs to the Beginner Basics project.



Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)