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A group of #AppleFans is creating a place where old Macs are still running...




They are currently moving into a place, but their website is alive & kicking...


I don't know how well http://translate.google.nl can tell you what is in there... But English is not (yet) provided there...


If you have stuff that we don't have over here, please contact me @tjarko.douwe.holtjer@live.nl

(For example an Apple I was never sold here in the Netherlands)



#Museum #Apple


P.S. They have been forced to ask #Samsung for sponsoring them because #Apple Netherlands was NOT INTERESTED!!!!

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    Congratulations on starting a Mac Museum. I too am a fan of the ancient (over 5 years old) Macs. 5 years may sound too recent until one considers the turnover of current Apple products.


    I am not surprised that Samsung and not Apple have given you support. Apple seems much too busy with new, bigger, and better iDevices to be concerned with the computers. I wish you good luck.