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I tried to update my 10.8.2 iMac to 10.8.3, but it doesn't work.  It says that it needs to reboot to install, but then it just comes back up and 10.8.2 is still running and the App Store still says it has an update available for 10.8.3.  I don't see any kind of obvious error.  Anyone know how to get it to work?




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    Ben Rigsby Level 2 Level 2 (440 points)

    Try the 10.8.3 Combo Update. You can download it Here.

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    Bob Sabiston Level 3 Level 3 (525 points)

    That worked, thanks.


    When I first installed it and it said it needed to restart the computer, it froze when shutting down.  A grey screen with a frozen black spinner.  I had to shut the power off on it.  When it came back up, it got to the apple screen and then restarted again on its own.  I was worried but then it came up normally and 10.8.3 was installed.  Whew.