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I want to relay my recent experience with reporting maps problems in Apple Maps and Google Maps.  Perhaps Apple can learn from this.


A couple months ago, the local on/off ramps to a major Interstate going through my town was moved 1/4 mile down the road.  Both Google Maps and Apple Maps weren't aware of it yet and still showed the old on/off ramps.  Being the good Apple citizen that I am, I tried to report the problem to Apple Maps first.  Tapped the "Report A Problem" and was confronted with 5 choices: (1) Search Results are incorrect, (2) Street or other label is incorrect, (3)Location is missing, (4) Problem with directions, and (5) My Problem isn't listed."  Which one do YOU think I should pick?  I tried (2) and hit NEXT.  This caused me to go back to the map with the instruction to tap the incorrectly labeled street or feature.  Only problem is that it didn't let me tap on either the old on-ramp (maybe because it didn't have a label?) or the empty field where the new ramp was!  So I tried (3).  It then asked me for the complete street address!  But this is an on-ramp - it doesn't have a street address!  So frustrating - I gave up.


Then I went to Google Maps, tapped on the old on-ramp and clicked "Report Problem".  One of the choices was "Road Closed". I picked that and was given a text box in which to enter any additional helpful details.  I did.  It also offered to notify me when this problem was resolved.  I opted for it.  Done.  Within minutes I received an email from Google Maps thanking me for the report.


Four weeks later, I received another email from Google Maps - this time to let me know that my report was reviewed and accepted and that Google Maps will be updated shortly to reflect my suggested change.


Now - that's a good experience!  Makes you want to help more!  But I really wanted my Apple Maps to be correct, so I tried to report the issue again.  This time, I picked (5) - "My problem isn't listed" and hit NEXT.  All I got is a text box and a "Send" button.  I dutifully entered the information about the problem and hit "Send".  No acknowledgement, no offer to let me know when it'll get fixed.  Nothing.  In other words - the typical Apple response to user-reported issues :-(


I have no idea how Apple expects to ever catch up to Google Maps if they can't even make the problem reporting fast and easy - or encouraging, for that matter!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Not to dispute your story, but I'd like to share my experience with Google:



    A relative moved to a new development in my town - the streets were still freshly paved when they moved in.   Naturally, my car's GPS, the iphone, Google - none of them have the street address available.


    I logged an incident with Google, and only a few months ago did I receive a reply stating that my problem was researched and the street is now accurately reflected on Google Maps.


    My relatives moved to this new street in 2007.   So, 6 yrs.

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    Hehe, that's funny - 6 years!  I actually don't know how long it will take Google to actually fix this problem (I imagine that since it's a major on-ramp to an Interstate, it won't take 6 years), but I was impressed by how quickly they (a) acknowledge receipt via email and (b) how quickly they reviewed and approved my report - and sent me email about it.  It made me feel like I was actually contributing!


    When I reported the problem to Apple, I didn't even get an email affirming that they received my report!  For all I know, after I hit the "Send" button, it got lost in the ether somewhere.  This lack of feedback causes one to lose all enthusiasm for reporting other problems.

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    The fact that Apple hasn't responded to your submission (and it is likely they will not) does not mean the are not passing the information along to the appropriate resource.

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    James, I understand that, more than likely, Apple received it and is already diilgently working on it.  But since I did not receive *ANY* feedback - not even on the phone after I hit the "Send" button - how can I be sure?  The difference between a good customer experience and a bad one is often very small.  In this case it was the simple "We got your report - thank you" acknowledgement that Google managed, but Apple did not.

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    James Ward4 Level 7 Level 7 (24,035 points)

    Personally I would rather resources be placed on addressing the issue rather than largely meaningless email responses. To each his own, I suppose, but the reality is they will not responde to you personally on the map issue.

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    tjwolf Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    What 'resources' could it possibly take to acknowledge problem reports with an automated e-mail?  It's not 'largely meaningless' - it's a simple way to let submitters know that their submissions were received.  Again, to be clear: I never expected a personal response from a real person at Apple - I agree, that's a waste of resource - but an automated email acknowledging receipt (or, since this was done from the iPhone, a popup indicating successful submission) is just a common sense (and common courtesy, for that matter).


    But enough said.  As you said, to each his own.

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    Something may, in fact, be broken with the Maps.app error reporting system. 


    Maps displays our business (Consumer electronics and service store) location about a half mile from it's actual location.  From the very day Maps was released, iOS using customers have had a difficult time finding us.  Since day one, both store staff and mis-guided customers have been using the "Pin at wrong location" report in an attempt to correct the businesses location - I've personally assisted with at least 100 such reports - each time making sure that the submitted pin location was precisely correct.


    As of today, 7 months later, our business remains mis-represented on Maps.app. During this time I also visited two local Apple Retail Stores and asked their staff if they could assist (I read an article which indicated that Apple was getting store staff involved in reporting errors). Both store's staff were eager to help and I watched them submit reports - that was at least 3 months ago and still nothing.


    OTOH, Google maps also had our location off by approx 1/4 mile - it took less than 2 weeks for the location to be corrected, submitting a single online report. Clearly Apple lacks the commitment and dedication that such an App requires, and/or the reporting system has serious issues.

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    Don't even get me started on business locations :-(


    Just about every Starbucks I've visited - both in NJ and in NC - is placed in the wrong spot by Apple Maps!  The difference is usually not very large (100-400 yards?), but far enough, on occasion, where if you've never been to a place, you might not see the real location!  Personally, I even thought that maybe Apple's Passbook service was so ****-poor in recognizing that I'm at a "Favorite" Starbucks because of the incorrect geo-info (later, I found it's just ****-poor because it's...well, buggy!  For a store I frequent every day, it takes two "wakeups" of the phone before Passbook realizes that I'm at a Starbucks and puts up my Pass :-(


    With improvements so slow in coming, I'm almost ready to abandon it.


    Latest annoyance: I was trying to add a business to my contacts.  In the old days, I'd look it up on Google Maps and, when it found it, I could simply "Add to Contacts".  Done.  Today, when I do it from Google Maps, I don't get that option.  When I go to Apple Maps, it can't even find the business :-(

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    Route 9 in West Virginia has been moved near the Virginia border. I was using Apple maps with navigation and it became quite confused as I drove down the new road. I calmly switched to Google maps which knew exactly where I was, and proceeded to follow its directions to my destination. I'm an Apple fan, but it's this kind of thing that makes me question what's the company is thinking. I tried to report it, but that's also problematic. The only option they gave me was to suggest a new name for a location. I typed my whole comment into the location name suggestion. Silly.

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    I also have an iOS Maps/Siri issue that I'm not sure how to report.  I have an iPhone 5 (7.0.2) and my spouse has an iPhone 4S (7.0.2).  Also each of us has our address in our Contacts and marked as our home address.  The address includes street address, city, state, and zip code.  This issue doesn't seem to be restricted to iOS 7, as we also experienced it sometimes, but not as consistently, in iOS 6.  When I ask Siri for directions "home", it almost always gives me directions to a town with the same name as mine in Missouri.  However, I live in New York (upstate, not in the NYC area).  This happens quite consistently to me, and to my spouse, on either of our phones.  It is the only real issue we've had with Apple's iOS Maps, which we've learned to trust as giving better directions than either Google or TomTom.  However, it is disconcerting to be away from home and not be able to count on actually getting directions home.  Do I report this as a Siri issue, or as a Maps issue?  If I ask Siri for directions to my actual address (rather than generically asking for directions home), it drops the state and gives me directions to Missouri.  If I say "directions to x xxxxxx Drive, Troy, New York", it consistently gives me directions to x xxxxxx Drive, Troy, Missouri.  This is maddening, and I wonder if it gives other people the wrong directions, too, when they are driving to my address.  Again, it happens to my spouse, too, and on different phones.  How do I report this issue?  I've tried submitting the report through iOS 7 Maps, but there doesn't seem to be a category for "Utterly Wrong Directions Given".  Is it Maps or Siri, I don't know.  I'm happy to try to help Apple out with this issue, but other than this post I don't really know how to bring up the issue.  Also, a screen shot doesn't seem to be of any use because it does give me directions.  I'm a big Apple fan, and love their products.  But I need to be able to use my iOS device to get home without having to pull over and type the address in every time then review the directions to see where they are taking me.  iOS already know my address from my Contacts.  Any assistance is appreciated.

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    Reporting apple maps problems is hopeless. Virtually everyday since apple maps first came out, I have been reporting a misplaced UCL Hospital in London. Before the most recent update to the maps with IOS 7, I was reporting as pin in incorrect location. With IOS 7 I can see looks to be driven by underlying address information. Hence, I have been reporting this. However, no update, no automated response saying they will look at, nothing to make it look like they even care about fixing the issues.


    I only report this one issue and will continue to do so until it is fixed. Only then will I report other known issues.


    I want apple maps to get better. A company with as many resources as Apple should be doing a better job. If Apple were more effective at correcting reported problems:

    • far more people would be doing it
    • it would become a far better and more accurate mapping tool.
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    I agree that reporting Maps problems is hopeless.


    Just as an update to my original reporting of Apple's misplaced on-ramp (Exit 8 on New Jersey Turnpike a.k.a. Interstate 95).  It's now been about 9-10 months...and Apple still has it wrong.  ***???


    This is a major Interstate on-ramp!  The old on-ramp that Apple shows is almost 1/2 mile from the new one - which has been in service for almost a year now!  You can't even get onto the old one.


    This is disgusting!  Just installed Mavericks and its Maps, of course, shows the wrong thing too.  A company like Apple, that makes money hands over fists, can't allocate enough resources to get such a simple thing fixed.  I'm starting to worry about my AAPL holding :-(

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    I'm so glad that Google Maps was allowed back on IOS devices as an App.  The IOS maps that Apple uses is highly inferior to Google Maps.  Points of interest are not placed on the map where they really are.  You can't tap on a point of interest in IOS Maps and have it expand with an info window with phone numbers, hours of operation, street view or anything else. 

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    It's just sad how Apple is squandering the good will of its users :-(  I mean, Apple has so many users who are willing to make things better!  And they just seem to be ignoring the proposed fixes - or, at the very least, completely underfunding the effort to get things fixed.


    As a funny (at least to me) aside: I actually applied to Apple's recent job posting for a "Ground Truth Expert" for the NY/NJ area - at the time I was bored with my job and happened to be steamed (pun intended) at Apple Maps for,  yet again, misplacing a Starbucks location (get it? Steamed - eh, eh? :-)  But, true to its established form (with regards to maps and bug reports), Apple didn't even reply to my job application.


    I have Google Maps - but Apple Maps does have the better user interface by far.  If only Apple put as much effort into the correctness of data as they apparently do into the usability of their products, all would be well.

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