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I'm using iPhoto 9.4.2.


After a repair of the iPhoto Library is accomplished, I am left with one, or more Recovered Projects...  The Recovered Projects have 36 files in them that are empty (zero size).


I've located the empty (zero size) files, and they all reside in a sub-folder in my iPhoto's Library's Masters Folder...


When I delete these files, via iPhoto, the zero-sized masters still remain, and repopulate as a Recovered Project if another repair is done...


I found a thread where a user has a similar problem...  LarryHN indicated that for the  problem highlighted by the thread, it would be necessary to use the Finder to delete the wayward files' folders...




Any thoughts on using the same process for my issue...?





MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    No - totally different case


    This is one of the VERY few time that you should ever delete anything from your iPhoto library

    quit iPhoto and go to your iPhoto library and right click (control click) on it - select show package contents and find the folder names import (or importing) and drag it to the desktop

    This is deleting a very specific folder which does not danage the library - deleting files is different - what effect is this having you your use of iPhoto? If you really want to try go ahead as long as you ahve a tested good backup to go back to if it does not work



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    Thanks for the response and clarification...  I'm not sure that these wayward-empty-files are really causing any problem... I'll let sleeping-files lie...