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As one of many, I prefer w7 as main operating system. We need AHCI support in native windows, for various of reasons.

I know the chipset supports this, as AHCI is enabled in OS X.


Please find a way to fix this.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Windows 7
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    Sorry, you need to find how to? "you" is just other users.


    And the performance of Windows is slow? what does "various reasons" mean.


    If you want Windows only that works fine (even better) and just format the entire drive with Windows DVD.


    I know there are some forums that have claimed they enabled AHCI on Mac Pro but never read about notebooks as I don't have one.

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    Well for starters it speeds up hard drive operations, power consumption and enable more efficient multitasking. The main reason I want AHCI enabled in my system, is the SSD disk. Without AHCI the disk only runs at 50-60% of total speed capacity. It isn't slow, but not as fast as it should be.


    I know there's ways around to enable AHCI in the MBP, through the windows registry. This is however a double edged sword as the system will freeze when utilizing the boot camp control panel and many people reports random BSOD aswell.

    AHCI is enabled in the BIOS, but as far as I know, Apple machines doesn't have such a thing.

    Before the bashing, I'll say that I don't want a pure windows machine at this point, i love the MBP and want it to work optimally, but not entirely agreeing on OS X.



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    I agree, it seems Apple is deliberately crippling AHCI  in BootCamp.


    Plus, it would also be reasonable to enable the Intel integrated graphics card while using BootCamp on MBPs too.


    I can't believe Apple is afraid of Windows on a Mac, but it seems it is!!!

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    Ioiga, did you ever find a solution to your question?


    On another note, "The hatter", I totally disagree with you regarding your comment about "Windows is slow" if it pertains to Windows 7 x64. I have both a MacBook Pro 13" 2.4GHz i5 early 2012 and a Dell Vostro V131, which are similarly specced. Both came with Seagate Momentus 500GB hard drives and I found the Dell to be noticeably quicker for general use. I upgraded the Vostro to an OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD and the MBP currently uses the 240GB Vertex 3. Even then, the Vostro is still quicker, even though the MBP has the faster SSD.


    I'm now running Windows under Bootcamp on the MBP so that when I'm out and have the MBP with me, I can easily switch to Windows if I need it so am interested in enabling AHCI. Even with AHCI not enabled on the Windows 7 partition, it's still gives me fairly immediate performance, even though a few times on the OS X side I've had the rainbow wheel a few times though, admittedly, there are more things running on the OS X partition at present.


    I think both OS X & Windows 7 are great and have their own advantages and disadvantages but I don't think speed is an advantage Lion has over Windows 7 x64.

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    I find that any search done in Windows (where Search Service and Indexing best be activated) takes a very long time compared to Mac OS.


    I also have never had a problem in now 4 years of Mac OS, comparing it to Windows OS which I've known some about since 1995 or so, and in that time encountered a pocket full of problems in part due to the fact that their hardware base is a whole lot more varied that Mac's is.


    Overall feeling about OSs is that they are a whole lot of fun and their future is a bigger part of ours than you can imagine. Google's glasses is just a baby step. What's coming within 10 years is awesome.


    Think about that and watch it happen.   

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    I'd admit searching in OS X is faster than in Windows 7. However, searching is just one aspect of using the OS and as a person who actively uses both platforms everyday, I personally find Windows 7 to feel faster for what I do than OS.


    When I want to just get on the net, check my email, remotely support clients' systems or do other work, I always use my Vostro. When I want to watch videos, play with iOS dev or take advantage of the integration between my iPad, iPhone & Mac, I boot OS X. One I prefer for work; the other for play. That doesn't make either inferior or superior; it's just that for me & what I need, each does a better job in its respective area.


    Sure, the various iterations of Windows has had their problems throughout the years but as you rightfully highlighted, most of that is due to the wide variety of hardware options and the impossibility of building a system that works smoothly with everything.


    I'm sure if Windows was a product that officially supported only a sanitised set of hardware configurations, most of the problems people experienced would not exist. Considering that Windows 7 doesn't have that limitation, and still works a lot better than many of its preceding versions, IMHO, it's the most solid Windows offering to date.


    Anyway, I don't want to get into a debate about which is better or worse. I just to find it somewhat ignorant when people just state blatantly "Windows is slower" without looking at the facts and doing a proper comparison spec for spec. The reason I found this thread is because I was searching for a way to enable AHCI in my Bootcamp partition; something I never have to do on any Windows 7 PCs...

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    There was "?" on my "Windows is slow"? meaning I questioned YOUR assessment, not mine.


    And the performance of Windows is slow?


    As in there is something wrong to me on your setup.


    I prefer Windows search, too for finding what I need. I do not like how Spotlight is engineered. And if I want it is easy to move Windows index to another drive even.

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    Ah, my bad... I thought the "?" was just a typo. No offence meant. And what you said about search (well, at least in Windows 7) is true IMHO. I've found Spotlight Search to be really quick when retrieving text in documents especially, compared with Windows 7 but I had a client some months ago who had problems for months after they switched to Lion when they tried to search SMB shares. We had to end up installing some third party software that runs on the server and creates those shares using AFP instead.


    Another thing I thought of when I went away from my PC just now is that many of the people who say Windows has all these problems etc, not only have either VMWare Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp installed for whatever reason but also never quite compare apples (no pun intended) with apples. Most Mac installations I've come across are minimalist compared with Windows installations. Usually most Windows installations have a whole host of third-party apps the users installed, whether it's Sage, QuickBooks, some utility, some game or the other. Many Mac installations have a specific set of applications installed. The vast majority of problems Windows 7 users face have more to do with an application than with the OS itself.


    I work for a company that supports over 900 systems, 4% of which are probably Macs. While I'd say we hardly get calls from the Mac users, they're mostly graphic artists who use Adobe applications and not much else. The few that aren't graphic artists are executives who don't have much of a clue about computers or who just don't have the time to care and thus don't have or use much more than iTunes, Outlook, Word & Excel on their Macs. That being said, we almost never gets calls from Windows 7 users who fall into the same category; when they do call, it's usually about something like Sage or printers...

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    Thanks for the in-depth perspective.


    There are whole sub-forums just on all the associated issues with Spotlight, mds indexing etc. ! !


    I never understood well, I kinda do, to index WHILE the system was editing and writinig, rather than use "idle background" time for updating an index. I use to have a "pet-peeve list" in the back of my mind until I realized which platform had more on their side.


    I was surprised to see when I installed some apps (monitoring and benchmarking and testing) that they also pulled down a host of libraries that I was afraid would interfere or are not supported under Windows 8. But apparently that is normal and will happen when you install games too.

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    I'm fascinated some official vendor supported solution seems to have taken so many years, but appears to at least partially now being rolled out on the latest Apple hardware:  Check out this Older topic, "Enable AHCI for windows 7" (archived, but nearly identical discussion):




    NOW YOU CAN enable AHCI on the newest Macbook Pro 15" Retina, without reinstallation or any nasty BSOD, by simply installing the new official Intel RST (not RSTe) drivers version or higher, as found here:


    http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=%222012+Intel +Rapid+Storage+Technology+%28Intel+RST%29%22#


    NOTE: Your Windows 7 IDE disk type will be transformed into the new Windows 8 AHCI SCSI Disk platform, and it will finally ENABLE TRIM IN WINDOWS if you use SSD (e.g. if you have the SSD option for the new MacBook Pro Retina), as well as dramatically increase performance, enable the Intel RST monitoring taskbar, etc.


    WARNING:  There is one minor annoying drawback.  As of this post, Boot Camp taskbar in Windows 7 will then start giving you the same errors that Windows 8 users are currently experiencing (until Boot Camp 4.0.1 gets an update):  "An error occurred while trying to access the startup disk settings.  You may not have privileges to change the startup disk. Make sure you have administrative privileges and try again."


    As discussed in this other thread here, with some partial work-arounds already available:




    Best of luck!

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    Oops, I meant Intel RST drivers not (typo)

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    This post might help you:



    AHCI is working great on my Macbook Pro running Windows 8 via Bootcamp.