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So I get my iphone 5, open the package ...and right away drop it to the floor...what the?  I pick it up and start it up......all goes well. I notice it's much lighter and smoother then the other iphones, .....the next day it slips out of my hand again....all's well, and I immediately go the store to buy a case(flip).....and install the case....and drop it again...what? I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me. So this goes on for some time, frequently dropping it, I find I get afraid of picking it up, it's an expensive phone and I don't  want to ruin it...until finally the screen cracks, a hairline fracture, but still cracked....and I'm not happy. At the Applestore I explain my misfortune....and they just give me a new one! Well this is great, it's because it's a hairline fracture and it's not supposed to do that....but I get afraid again of taking my new phone out of my pocket in fear of dropping it again. I search the internet for a solution....found it: An Otterbox Defender Case....a bit bulky, but it feels very secure, sturdy...and actually now it feels like I have a man's phone again. Then it dawns on me....the iphone 5 is a womans phone....they like it smooth and light....thank me I made my phone into a man's phone again. Anybody else have any thoughts on this one...or am I just a very clumsy guy (Yeah I know...!)