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This probably applies equally to Flickr, but have not tested.


In the process of trying to resolve an issue with Aperture crashing while attempting to publish to Facebook, I tested with using the same FB accounts on more than one Mac.  These test were important in that they proved 1) that Facebook Publisher was working on another Mac and another OSX, and 2) even using library clones, FB albums you add from one library clone and Mac, will not be fully functional insofar as still being connected with the originals when you then open another clone of the same library from another Mac.  Whie the newly published album will appear on the second Mac in the other library clone, the images are those downloaded from Facebook, and not those from the originals of the originating Project.  This is not surprising, but I needed to confirm it.


It can work in full expectation if you reverse clone from the Library associated with one Mac to the the Library associated with a second Mac, or if you move an actual Library that is on an external drive between the two Macs, assuming you can get the permissions done right.







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    A very useful experiment, Ernie.


    How exactly did you clone your libraries?

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    I use SuperDuper and its Smart Update to produce clones of my library (which is Managed, btw).  It is my backup strategy, keeping multiple copies around, anyone of which can instantly be used to replace another if a drive goes bad.



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    When created and residing in the originating Library, a FB album behaves much like any other album.  Edits to the Versions that were placed in the Album, wherever they occur, will be reflected in the FB album, and can be synced to FB.  Where albums are not originated in the Library, but instead are downloaded from FB, edits and other operations are not possible with those images.


    If you lose your albums in the originating Library because of removing the web account entry while in the Library, the albums will NOT later reconnect to the originals, but will stay the same as those merely downloaded from FB.  It is a complicated and fragile relationship between the Library and FB, and care must be exercised to not change the relationship.


    Web account info resides in the com.apple.aperture.plist file, but whether the web account is Enabled or Disabled resides in an individual Library.  Thus care should be taken to not be in the Library where FB accounts are administered when either removing web accounts or purging the com.apple.aperture.plist file to solve problems you are having in Aperture.