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Hi everybody!


I`m writing because i need help with my iBook G4.


The first problem was with the LVDS cable. Sometimes everything was ok, but often there were some lines or color blinking stains on the screen when I was moving the display clamshell up or down. When I opened my iBook I saw that the LVDS cable near the hinge was damaged, sa probably there were a short circuit and this was the cause of the artifacts on the display. So I decided to buy a new (used) LVDS from iBook G4 A1054 or other, I don`t remember because it was three years ago. I thought that there are no differencies between the LVDS cables in all of iBook family, because all connectors looks the same (but later I checked the wire connections with the multimeter and discoverd that they are different ) I`ve replaced the LVDS with a new one, but after I turned on my iBook unefortunately there wasn`t anything on the display except the white backlight. So i put back the old LVDS into the laptop, and the situation was the same - the system is working but nothing on the display. So I thought that the display is broken, because of incorrect signals in the cable connected to it.

Later I bought the mini-VGA adapter because I was curious - is the display or the graphic chip broken? When I connected external monitor to my iBook it works, everything was ok, but the internal display was still died. So I decided to buy a new display and LVDS cable from the same model of iBook as mine. When I replaced all the parts I still have the same issue, and now I can`t find the sollution for it. I was looking for damaged (burned) elements on my logic board but I didn`t found any. I also checked some fuses on the board with the multimeter, but all of them are closed. I don`t have the schematics of the board so I don`t know which elements should be checked first.


Can anybody help me with this issue?


Sorry for my english


Best regards

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