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I have searched and seen posts concerning syncing notes, but none of them seem to answer my problem.  It seems simple to me, but it doesn't work.  I have had an iphone 4 for long time, with lots of notes, some that transferred fine from a long time ago from my Palm Treo 650.  None of my iphone notes will sync with an ipad 2 I recently aquired.  I have the contacts syncing perfectly.  I use Google for my Calendar, but my notes for the iphone and ipad i would like to sync.  I would prefer not to use one of my notetaking programs that I use for work.  I cannot figure out how to get them to sync.  Everything else through icloud seems to work; in fact, too well, as I had not meant for some apps to be downloaded onto the iphone automatically. lol.  That's another issue.  Any help with the notes would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks!!!

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3
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    When you enabled the Notes in iCloud settings, only the notes that created from this point will be sync to iCloud. The old ones have to copied and pasted manually.

    Did you try to make a new note?

    Did you check the default account in Settings>Notes? Must be the iCloud account in order to sync.

    You can check the notes that are actually in your iCloud in www.icloud.com from your desktop browser.


    About auto download: Settings>iTunes and App Stores>Automatic Downloads>OFF

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    Thank you for your answer, though it is a little disheartening. Do you mean I have to manually copy and paste every single one separately?  The Palm to iPhone was much easier. I have a lot of notes. I wish Apple would at least make the Notes where you could transfer or sync a certain category and get Tasks (their Reminders are horrible) halfway useful for professionals and students a like.


    Thanks again!!!

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    You 're welcome.

    If i understand correctly you have 2 notes accounts. The "local" one and the iCloud. You can check which notes are in which account by taping the "Accounts" button in the up left corner of the app. But if you want to transfer notes from one account to another you have to do it manually.

    If you manage to transfer the local account notes to your desktop you can make the copy-paste more easily.

    Just sign in www.icloud.com to edit your notes.


    Good luck!