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I am due to go in to hospital for major surgery and have decided to purchase an iPad to take in with me to help pass the time pre & post surgery. I will be using it to watch catch-up TV, eg 4oD, ITV Player etc, read books downloaded from Kindle (via an app), use the internet to browse & email and keep in touch with family/friends via Skype & FaceTime.

I was going to purchase an iPad 2 from a family friend (I posted a discussion about this yesterday) but they have now upped the price & I think it will end up out of my budget, so, I'd appreciate if someone could advise me what would be a good option for me, as I haven't a clue! I don't travel much, would use wifi at home but the 3G while in hospital and for future stays. I may download a couple of movies for my hospital stay but wouldn't use iPad for movies at home.

Via Apple and 'Refurbished', there are the following options in my price range/that I can stretch to:

iPad 2 wifi & 3G  16GB       £319

iPad 3rd Generation wifi & 3G    16GB    £375

iPad 2 wifi & 3G  32GB    £379


I know I won't be able to afford to upgrade the iPad in the near future so I will have it for a good few years most probably. I have gathered the 3rd Generation has better screen quality due to Retina, but is 16GB enough as I can't stretch to the 32GB for it?


Any advice would be great!

iPad 2
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    In my case, because I use a lot of apps, photos, videos and such, I would go with the Gen 2 with 32GB.


    If you won't be storing a lot of pics, videos and apps on the iPad, then I would go for the newer generation though it is the low end on storage space. This will assure you will have a slightly longer life with iOS updates and the features that come with that.

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    16GB vs 32GB vs 64GB: Which new iPad storage capacity should you get?



    How much content will fit on my iPod or iPhone?



    iPad Mini vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad 4: Which iPad Should You Buy?

    http://www.padgadget.com/2012/10/25/ipad-mini-vs-ipad-2-vs-ipad-4-which-ipad-sho uld-you-buy/


     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks Alfred & Tom, decisions, decisions, decisions! It's all down to money for me, unfortunately. It seems the iPad 2 32GB wifi & 3G sells in my price range on eBay, I'm still watching a couple of 3rd Generation retina 32GB wifi & 3G that are still in my price range but that can change any time with bidders.

    Those links have helped, thanks!


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    Before making a purchase I would contact the hospital and verify what services are available.  Some private hospitals offer Wi-Fi but it is not usually available in NHS hospitals.  (Well, not round here anyway.)  3G coverage may also be a bit limited dependant on your location within the hospital structure.


    I'd go for a 32GB model as a minimum.

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    Hi again, Dea,


    I was on your other thread and see that you're still undecided. I think in your situation, the necessity for a solution is more important and therefore maybe harder to make.


    The only thing I would add is that you're talking about the cost, yet looking at ipads with cellular. In the US, you can use and pay for cellular on a monthly basis and for many that's perfect. However, that adds $79.00 to the price of a new ipad or a refurbished one. My guess is the situation could be the same on e-bay. So before you buy, make sure you would use an ipad with cellular and have to pay more $ to buy it and more $ every time you use cellular, and that part is not cheap when you're on a budget.


    If you have one before you go, add in music, books, and movies you might want to have so that even if wifi is not available, you can still read and listen to music, etc. 


    Chamar makes a very good point.


    If you'll be in the hospital by the time you get it delivered, can someone bring it to you while you recover. This might give you a little more time to make your decision.


    I hope you get the best you can and enjoy it!


    Please let us know what you go with.

    All the best!

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    Hi Everyone!

    Just to say a big thank you for all your advice and pointing me in the right direction for info'. I have had some great news, my mom is going to give me the extra money to buy a Refurbished iPad 3rd Generation 32GB wifi & cellular, that comes in at £429 and then I have the peace of mind of the 1 year guarantee and the option to purchase extended cover with AppleCare. Plus as I will be using it with a Kindle App to read, I looked on YouTube and there was a big difference between the two for doing this & Apple confirmed it for me.

    I am at my hospital quite a bit and the wifi there is hit & miss, my mobile works ok on 3G there.

    Buying a cellular gives me the option of using the iPad when I'm not in a free wifi area, in hospital, or for travelling etc (I have family in Spain & Turkey and once I'm recovered and back on my feet in 6 months or so I can visit them and if needed buy a micro sim in either country for 1 month). I would only purchase a micro-sim when needed and GiffGaff (02 network)  or 3 do good 1 month only contract prices, 1GB with GiffGaff  & 3 for a month is £7.50, 10GB with 3 is £15. There is no upfront cost too.

    Now, there is only one more dilemma...... Black or White!!!!!

    Thanks again everyone and I'm sure I'll be back on here with numerous 'duh!' questions when I get my iPad!!



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    Dea, I'm so happy for you and what a mom! Very kind of her!


    As the two threads went on, you revealed more about your needs. I think you made the perfect decision!


    Let's be grateful that you only had to worry about picking from two colors! Imagine if there were ten?!


    And thanks for letting us know! Don't forget you have 90 days free phone support!


    Enjoy your new ipad!