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Equipment : MacBook Pro. Dynex mini-display port to DVI Adapter. Samsung SyncMaster S24A460


Issue : Although display preferences shows that the external monitor is connected, it is no longer transmitting image to external monitor.


Troubleshooting already attempted: tested a different VGI cord to the external monitor. Tried connecting it to an entirely different monitor to make sure it was not the monitor with an issue. Neither the Samsung nor the Chimei monitors were receiving an image, yet they are both recognized by the computer. I also connected each monitor to a different computer to make sure that the monitors were not the issue. They worked fine.


After doing those tests and checking all connections, wires, and monitors, the only two things left are the adapter and the port within the laptop. Hopefully it is just the adapter.


Question: How can I test the video card to confirm whether or not it is functioning correctly?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Try a PRAM reset. If this doesn't work then you might have to take your MacBook Pro in to be checked out.


    Shutdown your computer. Then, press and hold Command+Option+P+R and turn on your computer. Continue to hold the keys down until the second start up chime. There will be 3 chimes in total.