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How can I view iWeb editing window content via Screen Sharing? All I get now is a gray or black screen.


I've recently moved on from my old Mini running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and on to a new Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.3. The old computer was quite cluttered after years of use and I decided to make a new start on the new computer.


I was bummed to see that iWeb was no longer part of the iLife line-up. I've used it for years to maintain my neighborhood HOA website (hosted on Godaddy) and have enjoyed the ease of use plus the precision of layout. Note that a) I'm not a web developer, and b) the HOA site is the only one I maintain.


Rather than sell, give away, or recycle my old Mini, I decided to keep it and run it "headless" on my household LAN via Screen Sharing. It has a few seldom-used apps that I really don't want to move to the new MacBook, iWeb among them. Up until now, I've had no problems running anything in this fashion. Until tonight when I decided to update my website...


iWeb version 3.0.4 starts and runs just fine on the old Mini. Sort of. All of the surrounding/supporting items display OK: page navigation to the left, photo browsing to the right, link window, tools on the bottom. The BIG PROBLEM: the web page content window displays only blank gray or black for any page. Only the Site Publishing page shows what it should.


As if to rub salt in the wound, the tool tips show up just fine. As I move the mouse pointer around the blank gray or black page, helpful little tips appear to tell me what I can do with the page elements I can't see.


I have tinkered with every setting I can find in Screen Sharing on both host and remote Mac. I've adjusted the resolution on the remote and installed system updates all around.


After searching around, I realize I could move on to a supported, modern product. I further realize I could purchase iLife 11 on disk and install iWeb. None of these options are, well, optimal as I'm simply trying to maintain one simple website.


(Helpful people may now stop reading as venting starts here.)


I'm feeling quite annoyed with Apple at this point (yes, I know I'm late to the party.) They shouldn't start something they're not willing to continue without AT LEAST giving a convenient path forward. I'd gladly pay a reasonable price for a product which would allow me to seemlessly continue on with no drama. From all I've read on the iWeb community pages, no such thing exists. IS there a product which can step right in and read the iWeb files?

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    Are you running just the one iWeb site? Because, iWeb does run under Mountain Lion. And, you should be able to copy the iWeb Application over to your new machine along with the iWeb domain file.


    If you need help doing so, you could drop me an email at jeff@jeffnitschke.com & I would be happy to walk you through this. But, it is pretty straight forward

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    iWeb is running on the old iMac.


    The problem is with screen sharing.


    Perhaps wrong forum?

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    Correction : old mini

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    So to summarize, iWeb does not display well with Apple Remote Desktop.


    Why not show a picture of the remote screen. Saves a lot of typing.


    BTW, I have a 12 year old iMac upstairs. I use Chicken of the VNC on my current iMac and Mocha VNC on my iPad.





    The iMac upstairs has iWeb 2.0.4. iWeb 3.0 does not run with the installed OS.


    And although it is very slow, I can use iWeb from both devices. (It's easier to go upstairs and do the editing there.)


    Never had to change settings. Simply started Apple Remote Desktop. That's it.


    Perhaps it's better to install iWeb on your new Mac. Use filesharing (same system preference window) and copy everything you need.

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    Solved the problem, sort of.


    Because I needed to get work done in iWeb, I plugged in a spare monitor to the Mini. As expected, everything displayed fine locally. I did my work and left the monitor in place and powered on.


    After reading some other posts regarding Screen Sharing and artifacts, I had another try at Screen Sharing...


    Now that the Mini is no longer "headless" everything displays just fine via Screen Sharing! Pleasing, but not a long-term solution. I had envisioned keeping my seldom-used apps on the Mini and running it headless via Screen Sharing.


    So, now on to looking into this line of troubleshooting. And, as mentioned above, this is not the correct forum for further discussion of this problem.