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My MacBook Pro mid-2010 running Mountain lion 10.8.3 will not start up.


Two days ago I put my hard drive into a dater doubler and that works fine. Two weeks ago I replaced the hard drive when SSD and it's been working fine.


About an hour ago I needed to delete ajpg  file that I'd saved that was invisible starting with a period.  On the main hard drive I deleted a couple of other invisible files but nothing from the system folder or anything that I thought was important.


But now upon restarting setting with Tinkertool the invisible files to go back to invisible my computer won't start.


I get the chime and I get the Apple logo then I get the gray screen with the gearbox but the spinning gears spin 5 seconds then it disappears for 5 to 6 seconds and this goes on and on– it has continued now for eight minutes now.


I have tried to start up holding down the option key as I have several other start up drives one internal and the other two via FireWire. The start up manager does not start.


I have tried starting up in SafeBoot mode by starting with holding the shift key down it's the same nothing.


I have tried starting and then holding down the command and the S key but that doesn't work either.


I have lots of backups and I have my iPad but this is shutting me down. I frankly I can't believe this has happened.


I am in urgent need of assistance.


Thanks for anything you can suggest.



25 March 2013 yes it is a Monday

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, Also a Mac SE running 6.0.4 - not upgrading that!
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    Quite a muck up. Take it to an Apple store and have them straighten things out for you.

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    I tried starting up from the DVD start up DVD that I got with the MacBook in April 2010 that didn't work either.


    I don't understand why it doesn't get past the initial screen and why start up manager won't work.


    I don't think the data doubler with the hard drive that's been installed for 48 hours could've caused this problem at maybe.


    The SSD drive in the main drive port has been working for two weeks flawlessly.


    Thanks for any additional comments I know I can go to an Apple store well not really in Belgium but I can go to an Apple authorized dealer but I'm trying to avoid that of course.


    Thanks free much for any and all suggestions here.



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    So you inserted the DVD and rebooted while holding down the 'c' key?

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    Yes and I just did that again holding down the "C" key.  I get the same thing the DVD makes noises and spins around, the Apple logo comes up and the gearbox starts the five seconds spinning, five seconds disappeared.


    Is this starting to sound like a motherboard issue or?


    Thanks for any further comments.

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    I may have a solution:


    I was able to boot from my LaCie FireWire 800 hard drive backup. This was my daily backup so the data was only a few hours old. That told me I did not have on motherboard issue – thank you very much who's ever out there looking over my shoulder.


    I then removed both internal drives and was able to power cycle the SSD drive via my PowerBook G4 from February 2005 thank you very much PowerBook G4.


    After booting several times from the FireWire drive (to test that the external drives which used to be the internal drives were actually visible and they were), I then reinstalled the 2 internal drives but not before totally reformatting the SSD drive. For at least the third time in the last five years my daily and weekly backups along with the program superduper have saved my buttinsky...


    At this time some 100 Gb of my 326 on my SSD is copied over. I realize I am not out of the woods yet because after fully copying all the data I have to be able to boot from that SSD drive in the main compartment.


    And I really think this was nothing more than me deleting invisible files on the main hard drive thinking that this was just some maintenance task that I could do and instead I totally corrupted the SSD.


    I will post this now and I'm probably 2 to 4 hours away from having everything copied over and then seeing if it actually boots and works.  I'll post back then or if it's too late here in Belgium then tomorrow.


    What I've realized is that it's great to have backups and also great to have an eight-year-old PowerBook G4 but I'm definitely going to need a fully backed up recent Mac in case this would ever happen again.  It's an expensive route to go but better than recovering from another heart attack well another one I guess I had one today I'm not sure.

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    OK I guess deleting those invisible files is what caused the problem!  48 hours running perfectly now-- and I'm not deleting anything!!!  (Well except for 1282 aliases-- starting fresh there, some were from 1992, no wonder they didn't work!)