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Mountain Lion UI Lag on rMBP !!! (Let's Make this thread serious and hope for a fix)

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  • ESiq Calculating status...

    Nothing happens if I use two fingers in the Calendar program. Is this default behaviour? xD


    Mail scrolling is like twice the fps it feels like, from maybe 5-7 to 10-15. Still not totally smooth, but a lot better.

    Never tried screen recording.

    Taking a screenshot makes it lag? Never noticed.

    Never used iTunes for anything really, so don't know what to look for.


    Mission control and switching desktops is however 100% smooth on both graphic chips, 85% smooth while playing flash videos.


    Safari scrolling is a lot smoother (facebook) feels like almost twice the fps when scrolling. I've changed to firefox now which is smooth for everything.

  • Wayne Chin Level 2 Level 2 (425 points)

    Does nobody take my point seriously? Can someone try downloading an app on my list that was compiled with Universal Binaries and run it? There is clearly a solution here in which the way apps run when they compiled in this manner.

  • ESiq Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Because it's useless if you can't try the same program optimized for the current architecture and/or don't know how the program usually behaves.

  • vitor_mfc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i tried the quartz debug thing and only notice a little improvement in safari scrooling, i seriously doubt that does thing like quartz debug and autocad will make any difference. the RMBP must have a OS of his own, i mean they must tweak the OS for best performance in this machine. if they don´t do that we will always have lag. Very disapointed 2500€ buy, my only hope is that i bought a 5 year extension guareentee from the retailer, and sooner or later i will be complaining for this faulty machine.

  • boko1008 Calculating status...

    no, these things are still lagging a bit, the Quartz Debug fixed a bug were my frame rate was extremely choppy with some system UI effects. it's only a solution for people having this specific bug, the fps problem is something apple has to solve i guess.

  • g.asm Calculating status...

    i just saw little improvement with the Quartz Debug

  • poidet Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    For me it's not helped, In my video I've tried to show how much (and big) difference between 2 cards in animation.



    I have base rMBP model (RAM8/SSD256) with Samsung screen. And I have problem not only with UI lags in  HiDPI resolution, sometimes my screen is blinking, especially when I'm lloking video in QT or in YouTube, I'm going to record that too.

  • jkwuc89 Calculating status...

    I purchased the Early 2013 edition of the 15" MacBook Pro Retina last week.  It has 16 GB of RAM and it has the quad core 2.7 GHz i7.  With 4 Mission Control spaces, several open windows in 2 of them and a full screen Windows 7 Parallels VM running in another, there is sometimes a noticable lag when I show all windows in a space or when I switch between spaces.


    I have never noticed scrolling issues inside Safari, even with multiple tabs open.


    Switching to dedicated graphics using gfsCardStatus appears to help.

  • Geneous Calculating status...

    Which resolution are you running at?

  • jkwuc89 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    My apologies...I shoud've included this in my post.  I am running in scaled mode: 1900 x 1200.

  • cbs20 Level 4 Level 4 (2,460 points)

    Got a call from Apple today saying my computer was ready to be picked up. I asked what was repaired and the person told me the display was found to be performing under spec so it was replaced and has resolved my issues. So, after I got home I booted it up and low and behold the lag is still there. Thanks a lot Apple didn't resolve shittt. Now I have a new Samsung display, which looks good (old display was Samsung as well), but this one seems to have some backlight bleed on the left side. It can only be seen when the display is completely black. I'm going to try the solution proposed with quartz debug and let you guys know how that goes.

  • Geneous Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry to hear that man. I ordered an Early 2013 MBPr to compare it to my mid 2012 MBPr and I will report. I suspect the performance will be identical. I think that they will still contiunue to tweak MBPr performance and that they will get it to run much better, but I don't think this hardware will ever be 60 FPS like the high-end MBP models will be. However, it is lighter, has two thunderbolt ports and HDMI and is able to power three external displays beautifully, so it has it's virtues. I think all models have problems, some greater than others, but most people are okay with these problems or don't seem to notice them. It is the discerning users like us that really have a major gripe.

  • cbs20 Level 4 Level 4 (2,460 points)

    So, first I want to say it appears that Apple screwed my stuff up. When I first started the comp (the lag was still present) I noticed that my applications folder in the dock was different. When I opened it all my apps showed like usual in the fan format. However, they all had .app after the name. So, I had to recreate that to get rid of the issue. Second, my time was all messed up and I had to go back in to my System Preferences and correct everything in that section. Skype crashed for the first time ever on this comp (had it since November 2012), have never had an app crash since using this comp. Then this morning I woke the computer from sleep and went to start a song in iTunes and all of a sudden the fans went in to hyperdrive and maxed out at 6000 rpm for no apparent reason. I never ever had the fan issue before my computer went in to Apple, even before the latest SMC update. I did an SMC reset, but I will do some more troubleshooting when I get home to try and get this thing back to the way it was before Apple touched it.


    On a positive note the quartz debug trick has definitely smoothed out switching between desktops and full screen apps. Entering Mission Control has also improved. The two finger swipe in calendar is slightly better, but still very choppy. However, my computer doesn't retain this after a reboot, so basically I have to start quartz debug at every startup and then I can close it.

  • Jimmy Genius Calculating status...


    Hey, bought my Retina 2.6ghz,8gb ram, i7 9-10 months back. Had no issues with any sort of lagging initially before I updated to Mountain Lion. After that the lag got worse with further updates & even double clicking on high resolution pics made them lag while they opened. The green button lag on safari also started along with massive lags on pdf files etc. Slowly my softwares start crashing like Indesign & photoshop & the performance got terrible. The guy at the service center must have reformated my drive atleast twice in a span of 2 months. The problem still dosen'nt get solved. I requested them to replace the logicboard as that was the only hope of making things right. But to my suprise that failed too. No difference. Have a LG screen with massive ghosting & the response I got from the India Service centre is that all machines they have viewed have this problem so they are kind of puzzled with what next to do.


    Solution: (Not perfect but any day more usable than the previous state)


    - Quartz Debug ( makes a slight visible difference to the UI & makes it comparitively smoother)

    - Latest Webkit ( To make safari smoother, which includes facebook & other sites which had lag earlier)

    - Cuda driver for Nvidia ( Don't know how it made a difference but still installed it.)


    These few changes can make the retina a little more usable & will make you feel a bit better after all the money that you paid for it.



  • cbs20 Level 4 Level 4 (2,460 points)

    I've been messing with my retina and the Quartz Debug to try and make the adjustments permanent. What I've found out with my  machine is after a restart I need to start Quartz Debug to regain the improved UI. Sometimes after sleep this needs to be done as well. But, once I start Quartz Debug I don't see improvement until I turn on Show Tracking Rectangles. Once this setting is turned on I can then turn it off and quit Quartz Debug and the comp retains this improvement until I shutdown and restart, and occasionally after sleep this process needs to be done again.

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