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  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    What do you mean, when you say learn how to use your device? So I guess the people in this forum don't know how to use an iPhone? iPod touch? Ipad? Find ways to increase it? Can you give us some tips? What should we do? I would like to find ways to increase MY do I do that?

  • Markbob917 Level 1 (10 points)

    all i know for battery life, constantly closing my apps properly keeps life, also not always having location services on and keeping it on silent with no vibrate helps. obvious they are though

    screen brightness and also since i experienced this issue with 6.1.3 i did the following and it worked for me (listed this on page 3 but ill re list of people havent looked through the post)

    go to settings - mail, contacts, calendars

    go into icloud mail and turn each switch off one by one making sure you select the save to iphone option not delete

    then repeat this on each email account folder

    once all are at off ensure all apps are closed and hard reset phone (home and power) this will restart the phone after a few seconds

    let it start up and then go back into the same settings and turn each switch back to on

    im not sure if it will work for everyone but it worked for me so if youve not tried it, its worth a go, and seems less complicated than deleting all your apps and having wifi and 3g off etc

    hope it works for you

  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    That doesn't a couple days to a week it will be back to battery issues. I'm still gonna say its the firmware or the new lighting cable/port. But that was confirmed when I updated my iPod touch 4th gen from 6.0.1 no battery problems to 6.1.2 now I have battery problems. I have everything off! And battery is still bad...just have to wait for Apple to fix it. But if you can find ways to increase your battery go for sons droid razr maxx is unreal! The battery last close to a week, my son is 17. So he plays games, text and talk and music. That's what we want Apple! A battery that last almost a week....and a longer warranty, not one year! That's what lower end company's offer.


    3 year warranty! Xbox has it. My tv has 3 years!

  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    Your correct, closing apps does help, keeping location off helps, iCloud, mail, notifications...ect also helps if you keep those off. But why put them on a device that can't utilize them? Apple tells me to turn those maybe I want to use iCloud, or mail, but it drains my battery on my wifi only ipad mini. It's crazy! You understand what I'm saying here? Right? Add more stuff to ios, get a better battery! But I won't purchase any Apple products until things are back in order, like the old days with ios 3.0

  • DarrylR Level 1 (10 points)

    Well you said that you have everything turned off and it is not working for you.


    (1) Turn off location services

    (2) Turn off find my Mac or iPad or iPhone

    (3) Don't send diagnostic & usage

    (4) Bluetooth Off

    (5) Airplane mode Off

    (6) Notifications you are not using

    (7) Lower Brightness

    (8) Fetch mail manually & iCloud manually

    (9) Photo Stream & Documents & Data off


    This is just some that may help someone, sometimes I get more then the (10) hours on WiFi that about 2.5 percent every 15 min 10 percent a hour. Sometimes I burn 7 percent a hour

  • DarrylR Level 1 (10 points)

    If you are not using them you can turn them off and turn then back on when needed. No one saying leave them off for good. It is all about conserving you battery life.

  • cadams05 Level 1 (0 points)

    II experienced the same problem after updating to 6.1.2.  Drastic change in battery drainage.  I tried hard reset - no help.  I tried turning off all location services, LTE, wifi, Bluetooth etc.  still didnt help appreciably. Mi even restored to a restore point prior to the issue, no help.


    i finally took the iPhone 5 to Apple Store, the genius guy ran some diagnostics, but found no hardware issues.  Stated it likely was software but not related to the new iOS, but an app. that was not closing properly even when the phone was reset or powered down.  He advised to restore the i5 to a new phone and see if that helped.


    IT did, it fixed the problem.  And it has stayed fixed.  It was about a week after I updated to iOS 6.1.2 that the problem started, so I really didnt feel like it was the iOS update that caused the problem.  Although it still could have been.


    LSS, its a pain to have to,restore the phone as new because you have to re download all the apps, reinstall the mail accounts and start all over.  But it did fix the problem.

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    I'm having battery issues as well with 6.1.3. Seems like same issue from two maintenance releases ago as I'm also having problems accessing Outlook on two separate servers from my iPhone 4S. Outlook problem was coupled to battery issue (was that 6.1.1 release?). No problems from my iPad2 running 6.1.2.


    This iOS 6.1.3 issue is a real pain because it is not enabling me to get work email in the field.

  • corbad Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple released a special firmware with old problem the battery, which made it impossible to use the phone normally. The purpose - to distract attention of users from more serious, in respect of judicial proceedings and compensation of monetary losses by users, a problem of vulnerability of protection of an operating system. Not to be good at all! In day of an exit 6.1.3 closed the signature previous 6.1.2 having deprived of a choice and without having allowed to test new, in case of identification of mistakes to return on 6.1.2. It is very bad policy! The hole in protection remained!

  • Tolyd Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here.  Even when I'm not using my phone, the battery percentage is dropping quickly.

  • Asporean Level 1 (0 points)

    Totally agreed. Why pay high $ to shut off most of those features. Sure battery will last for days if you use it strictly for making calls and SMS with no NC and push mail. If that's the case a $60 phone can just do the job just fine.

    Apple HAS to come up with a total revamp of their iOS if they cannot perfect the current one. Millions around the world got screwed by Apple because they believe and trust Apple can come up with something good and better. Patients are running thin.

  • dasycneme Level 1 (0 points)

    How RUDE, there IS a problem with the latest update so be prepaired to eat your words

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi!  Just wondering... Is there a way to avoid this problem for every ios update?  I had my first iPhone 5 this January, and I have updated everytime an update arrives.  My problem started when I updated to ios 6.1.1, and 6.1.2, but I fixed it.  Now after updating to ios 6.1.3, the problem is here again.  I am now going through the motions again of resetting etc.  It is ok with me to troubleshoot, but it is very troublesome for me if this happens every update.  For this latest update, I did it OTA with all apps closed.  Should I update through iTunes instead?

  • Toben21 Level 1 (0 points)

    me too - at 8 am = 90%, at 10 am = 50% and against 12 pm - my battery was at 6%. - quickly or not?

  • corbad Level 1 (0 points)

    Update via OTA all manufacturers "crooked" and apple is no exception. Always reliable been updated through the wire, but in 6.1.3 and Apple violates this law Doing reset to the Factory default settings. Trying to keep up with the times, but obtained through A.s.s.

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