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After comparing my iPad 3 (32GB-3G) with the iPad 3 of a colleague of mine, I discovered that there is a red tinge on my screen. This is clearly visible in the corners and sides of the screen, especially when looking at a white screen.

The color of this tinge changes from reddish to light green, depending on the angle you look at the screen.

I was wondering if more people have seen this on their iPad.

iPad, iOS 5.1, 32GB 3G
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    A number of people have had problems with screen flaws and the new iPad.  I went through several, and ended up walking away without finding one that was acceptable to me.  But many people have found good ones.


    Check out this thread for more info: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3810949

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    I bought the ipad retina for my wife recently. In the shop I compared the ipad 2. I am a printer engineer and could definately see colour imbalance in the retina. There is too much red. We compared other ipads and the retina was the same. If i was purchasing this for work use to show customer samples for web or print based work I couldn't use it. The images we sampled were all apple images.A blue flower looked purple and I could see red in the greens too.