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I want to select part of the image to clone is, and just edit the selected part. I know i can do this on photoshop but how do i do it on Aperture?

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    You use the "Retouche" brush in Aperture and set it to "clone".


    Option-Click on the location you want to clone from to select a source, and then brush over the location where you want to clone to. The cloned region will follow the shape of the brushed area. You do not lasso the shape to to copy and paste it like in Photoshop.


    For example: Duplicating a penguin: The sourcepoint has been set to the beak of the second penguin, and then I brushed along the path where I want to penguin clone to appear.

    If I brush the whole area eventually the penguin will be copied completely. You'll have to experiment a bit with the brush size and softnees to ensure that the cloned object will blend in.


    Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.59.13.png




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    Aperture is not an image editor, it is a digital negative developer and digital asset manager (DAM).

    While it is possible to do minor edits like Léonie showed for any real editing of the image you will need an image editor like PS or GIMP.