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    To add some fuel to what you just said, I also own a Jabra Halo2, which is also USB 3.0, and it exibits the same behaviour, although not as bad as the HBS-730, but it also breaks and cuts, skips, delays, all the stuff.


    Interesting is that, with both devices, when the song is in the phone, usually it works ok, but if any application access the network, then the problem comes up.


    This thread has people mentioning the problem with several devices, not only the LG:



    The suggestion there is to send a feedback.


    The more noise we generate, aka everybody sending feedback, the better.

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    I just purchased mine on Feb. 2 and I have the same issues as the others are having. It is very annoying having to switch back and forth. I belive I will just return mine I see this has been an ongoing problem

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    I have had iPhone 5 since first day of release, and Tone+ headset since it was first on sale in Canada.  I have had these same problems and iOS updates haven't helped.  Nor does LG support this well.  There's still no way to find a manual, software updates or firmware updates on the north american LG website.  In face, search for tone+ or hbs 730 on the support part of their website and you get no results at all. 


    On the other hand, I love the form factor of the 730 despite the obvious shortcomings, or at least I'm too cheap to buy a different bluetooth stereo and mic combo, so have found the following two workarounds.


    Just FYI for those looking for helpful suggestions:


    1.  Turn the headset off for a sec, then back on.  I find the worst of the stuttering resets itself at that point. I find the stuttering happens most often when I've changed environments, or when there has been RF interference.  It seems to get back to normal with the "off and then on" intervention, much like an old PC.

    2.  You can unpair the device easiest (for the guy who didn't like it paired with two devices) by telling one device to forget the headphones, via that device's own bluetooth interface.  Alternately, you can force it to pair by holding down the call button while you turn it on .  Re-pairing to your phone seems to forget my iPad for me, although again it's easier for me to just tell my ipad to forget the headset.



    On the upside, the 730 form factor is unique and I love it, the controls I like (easily music controls plus call controls), and especially that the call button uses Siri with a click, unlike older models I've had that made me hold the call button down to get Siri. 

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    Any update on the HBS-730 with iphone? I have the iphone 4 & want to buy the 730 but not until I know the bugs have been fixed.

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    Nope, still the same problems for me with the 4S + 730, iOS 6.1.2.

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    Did 6.1.3 help at all?

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    A Actually it may have done the trick. I had not realized until I saw your question but it appears that I am not getting stutter when I press pause anymore. I've also used it for a couple of days since the update and I have not had to turn the tone on and off to reconnect since.


    I used to have to reconnect at least twice a day so I guess that is quite an improvement.

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    "I'm not sure why any of you are having problems."
    If you had read the thread before posting, you would have seen that nobody is having issues with pairing to the HBS730. This is a playback issue.


    "There is a chance that you have a bum headset."

    There probably *is* a chance that someone in this thread has a bum headset, but considering the number of postings in this thread by multiple people having the same exact problems, I'm guessing that's not the case. Furthermore, at least one person in the thread has tried exchanging their headset for a new unit with no improvement.


    Again, please read the thread before you post.

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    I'm using the HBS730 with my iPhone 4 which is using the latest iOS at the time of this writing. I'm having some of the problems others are describing here concerning playback, but I never use the headset for phone calls so I'm not able to speak to those issues.


    At the end of every song, the audio drops out for the first few seconds of the next one which makes listening to any album (gapless or not) next to unbearable.


    Another interesting thing I've noticed with these headphones that my HBS700s didn't do:
    My 730s are currently paired with my iPhone 4 and playing music. I'm using a 2007 iMac with an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. While I'm typing this, my cursor has been jumping across the text box. My mouse is also behaving erratically. Perhaps there is some issue with the Bluetooth implementation on the HBS730, not the iPhone.

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    I had the same issue


    but I had to exectute certain steps to set it up rather than just doing a "browse device" and try to connect.


    1. "Go to Setup Blue Tooth device" by clicking on blue tooth icon and connect to the device. enter the password if needed. Make sure you click on remember the device.


    2.  Now click on your  device  by clicking on blue tooth icon and select "Open Sound Preferences" and go to output tab and  select the device.


    That is all I had to do to make it connect and work.


    Good Luck Folks.

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    I am running ios 6.0 on an iPhone 5.  It constantly stutters when playing

    A song from iTunes library, but when I stream Pandora I have no issues.

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    I have a somewhat new issue on this.  I am able my LG HBS 730 pair "perfectly" - or at least acceptably - with my iPhone 5 and second generation iPad, but I can't get it to pair with my MacBookPro.   I spoke with the Apple rep at our local Best Buy store.   The rep  told me that many bluetooth devices do not pair with an unlimited number of devices.  The rep said originally blue tooth devices could only pair with one device.  That makes it a problem if one wants to use a bluetooth pared mouse and/or a keyboard.  I Anyway I tried to elimate the pair between my iPhone and iPad with the MacBook Pro and then "reboot".    The MacBook recognized the 730, but I was not able to connect.  I'm not sure if it is a LG problem?  Next I'll try rebooting my MacBook and let you know.  Thank you...



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    I now have my LG HBS 730 paired with my computer for the first time.  One of my problems is that I had my iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro paired.  Once I did away with that linkage, I was able to reboot the MacBook Pro and LG and I am now paired!   Thank you all very much...



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    I started this thread and I just wanted to post an update. Last week I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 for a few days. After experiencing issues with battery life I reluctantly decided to downgrade. I originally downgraded to 6.1.4 using the standard upgrade method and restoring from a backup. I had a few weird issues so I decided to reinstall 6.1.4 in DFU mode and not restoring anything from a backup. Although it's a pain in the *** to have to completely redo everything on the phone, I'm happy to report that I no longer have any issues with my 730's. My primary issue was using the headphones outside walking around my neighborhood. I'm now able to make the trip without any dropouts or loss of connection. Hope this helps. Perhaps iOS 7 will offer better performance out of the box for those who still have issues.




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    Is anyone having problems with the 730s in ios 6.1.4? I really want a pair