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I've been searching the forums, but not finding my answer. I have my iMac with my itunes media library. Just got a macbook pro and signed into itunes on the macbook with same itunes user account as I use on the imac. I had some impression all the media from the itunes imac library would mirror over to the macbook. Didnt happen. So do I need to physically copy the media folder from the imac itunes to the macbook itunes media folder to mirror itunes onto the two macs? And what about apps? My main concern are music files and movie/TV files that I want mirrored.

I was just going to copy the one imac itunes media folder over to the new macbook itunes.

But wanted to check if anyone had any other suggestions, first.

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    If you want to have a copy of the whole iTunes library, keeping your actual settings and everything else, you have to copy the whole "iTunes" folder, on the Music folder, to the MacBook. This will copy everything: apps, music, TV shows, books, etc. If you don't need the settings, just copy the "iTunes Media" folder to the "iTunes" folder of your MacBook.


    You can do this with an external drive > http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1751 (Do the last step on your MacBook)