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  • 30. Re: Publish Error - Lost Photos
    Fabini Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)

    Thanks guys for the information. I have an IBM Think Pad gathering dust in my office, so I will boot it up and see what I see.


    Wyodor, didn't you say somewhere that you are still using WordStar and Lotus 1-2-3? Are you still doing cave paintings in the south of France? :-)


    - Fabini

  • 31. Re: Publish Error - Lost Photos
    Fabini Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)

    Last post on this issue...

    I've published my web site. It opens and looks fine enough in five different browsers on the Macintosh. It looked dark on a Windows machine running both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. My fist page was 100% black. Some small white fonts almost disappeared.I changed the background color to 82% black. It looks better on Windows systems now. I can live with it.


    My takeaways...

    • Everything looks better on a big bright high resolution Macintosh than any Windows laptop. Always test on Windows machines and make adjustments.


    • iWeb adds files in the background and they must be regularly trashed. So does Safari. It has to be reset often. House cleaning is essential.


    • Not all browsers play nice with iWeb during development, but after hosting they run the site just fine. Don't freak out if Chrome or Safari does not display a photo page.


    • I long for a simple WYSIWYG Mac web site builder that is maintained by its parent company. By simple I mean for the amateur, not the professional.


    Thanks everyone for your assistance. I appreciate it.  - Fabini

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