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When I take photos with my camera they are are automatically assigned a specific naming convention.  After importing photos, I have Aperature delete the images from the SD card, and I take additional photos, which are assigned the same names as those that had just been deleted.


Upon importing the new photo, the preview generated is of the old image I had previously deleted.   Once imported, the image preview shows up with the correct new image.


I've tried this same import with other computers, with different sd cards and have the same result.  It appears that Aperature is automatically pulling the old image (with the same name) for the new preview prior to import. 


Has anyone else had this issue?  Any resolution?



Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    I never let Aperture, or anything else on the computer delete anything from memory cards.  I only rely upon a reformat in the camera.  I suggest you test doing that to see if the problem persists.  I am guessing the problem is in the camera on the card somehow messed up during the delete by Aperture.