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Hello!  quick question... I am running bootcamp 4, and Win7 is alerting me there is a newer driver available for the video card on my MBPr.  Is it reccomended to only use the "Windows Support" download file from apple when updating windows drivers?  Or can a user safely utilize a vendor-direct driver update?





MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), Bootcamp Win7 x64
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    The graphic card driver that Boot Camp includes is very old, and it's recommended to use the driver that the vendor provides, in your case, from NVIDIA. You can get the most recent NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA website > http://www.nvidia.com This is important in order to get the maximum performance of your graphic card

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    I would be careful with graphics drivers from Microsoft update.

    Not certain about your system, but on my MacBook Air 2012, the graphics update from Microsoft resulted in a completely black screen. Had to go into Safe mode to uninstall the driver. Some time later, the update re-appeared, forgetting the issues I had, tried again and the same thing occurred.  Have now hidden that update