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I have a lot of artists on my 80 g iPod.  Scrolling through them with my Mini Cooper interface takes forever.  Getting to D is a chore, and I can never make it to Z.  Why doesn't Apple support playlist sub-folders?  How would I organize artisits in A-C, D-F,..., so I could search by artists and not through a gigillion songs?  The playlists are ok for songs, but with over months worth of songs it would be nice to organize these in subfolders on the iPod (I know how to do this on iTunes, so no need to explain that, it's the iPod I'm questioning).  Is there a work-a-round?  Will Apple address this in the near future?  Thank you.  This is mainly for iPod classic, but I also use the iPhone, and touch if there is any difference with those. 

iPod classic, iOS 6.1.2