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    Boy or boy....some people are never happy.


    In a a perfect, ideal planet earth,  there would be no world hunger, no ego, no competition, no greed, no lies, and of course electronics would last forever and they'd be water proof as well.


    I see no reason why the manufacturer should go out of their way to implement some waterproofing unless they charge the consumer for it. Accidents will always happen and that's why Apple has gone the extra mile with an precedent warranty: Apple Care Plus. It's more than enough in my opinion. Try getting any warranty done for any reason on a Samsung Galaxy, you'll want to rip someone at Samsung's head off.


    If you're careless or accident prone like me, then get a good case and invisible shield or ghost armour skin. I've heard of Lifeproof cases, but I wouldn't trust them because they have a very poor warranty and people have lots of issues with their defective cases. You want your phone to be waterproof? Don't bring into the water, or buy one of those big plastic waterproof cases where you put your phone into. If you're cheap, you can always use a tightly zipped Ziplock bag.

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    englishaussie wrote:


    How hard can it be to make the iphone 5s somewhat water resistant. Apple just doesn't seem to give a crap. Canada, American northwest, Southeast coast of Australia, practically the whole of europe, just to name a few damp places. Thats a lot of people having the same problem as me.  If the samsung people made a waterproof phone, I'd switch immediately. Someone needs to get on the ball here. I don't see why I should have to buy a bulky, expensive waterproof case.

    Well samsung doesn't make a waterproof phone either so did you post this whine on the samsung site as well? how about any other phone manufacturer's website? if the iphone isn't satisfactory then buy another brand, and good luck.

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    Wow,  quite an aggressive response iinami. Almost as though you took it personally. Don't you think that if there's a flaw in a product then the company should try to fix it? And don't you think that a phone that can't be used on a walk if theres inclement weather is a rather big flaw? I do, and that's why I posted it, not to whine but rather to try to get apple to be aware of the problem and step up. I'm very careful with my phones, I treat them carefully, keep them in a case and don't drop them in buckets of water and then complain that they got wet. I understand that Motorola has produced a water resistant phone so the technology is out there. Unfortunately I'm loyal to iPhones and paying the price.

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    englishaussie wrote:


    the phone spazzed out

    I'm sick of this

    Apple just doesn't seem to give a crap

    Someone needs to get on the ball here

    You're calling me aggressive? You complained much about the iphone not being waterproof, if you don't like it buy the motorola and use it in the rain. Best of luck to you.

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    http://www.wirefly.com/eCommerce/SpecialOffer.aspx?cid=36210_6662439aefa84f9cbd6 994318806610c


    Ruggedized cell phone models are dwindling each year due to a limited market and the only ruggedized smartphone I have seen mentioned is one from Honeywell that was supposed to be released in February.


    Otterbox and Lifeproof both make ruggedized cases for the iPhone.


    I have also been caught out in the rain on a walk and put up my phone in the driest place on my body and wiped it off when I got home. No water damage.

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    Cases are not an option for her, see her quote on page 1 of this thread:


    "I don't feel that I should have to buy an expensive bulky waterproof case for my phone. Why can't apple make a somewhat moistureproof phone from the inside out. They can do everything else, how hard can it be?? I'm sick of this."

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    Thanks for the helpful advice Deggie, I'll look into those. I do have a couple of cases at the moment. When I bought the phone I bought a new iphone 5 case and also a waterproof case for when I go kayaking but that one is way too bulky for everyday use, more like a rubber zip lock bag. I honestly didn't think that my phone would get water damage just from taking photos on a drizzly day so I just had it in the everyday case. I guess I learned the hard way but it is frustrating when I paid so much for the phone and now have to pay another $200 to get it repaired.

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    Most likely the water came in to your iPhone by running down along the frame and into the headset jack and Lightning port. You need to either get plugs or a case that specifically has doors that cover those two inputs.

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    My daughter just dropped her Iphone 5 phone in the toilet of all places...don't even ask me how this could happen.  While she has dropped it in water on one other occassion without a problem, this time the home button was not working consistently.  So I put the phone  in my oven at 110 degrees farhenheit for about 8 hours or longer if necessary. It worked perfectly after that.  I would prefer to get the moisture to leave the phone and that is why I use a slighlty elevated temperature. I have done this successfully several other times with other phones that were not iphones.  The important thing to note is that it is 110 degrees F.  Most ovens don't go this low but mine does.  This is the same as being out in the desert on  a hot day.  I would NOT recommend going over this temperature.  If you are lucky this may work for you.

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    Oh good idea. Thanks. You're right, it was probably something as simple as that.

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    Good idea, music fan. My problem was that I was out hiking so by the time I got home and stuck it into rice it was too late. I think if I had caught it immediately it might have been ok cause it was just a few drops of rain. It's still functional but the main button on the top doesn't work so I have to use the accessibility on-screen button. The other issue i had was turning the phone completely off and on using the accessibility button. By the time I got home and that button had malfunctioned, I couldn't turn it off to put it into rice. I still put it in there but kept getting texts that fired it up. Bit of a problem. I still haven't figured out how to turn it completely off.

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    If you can do what I said for a day or so, your problems may clear up. You never know. Fundamentally, what I am suggesting is much different than putting it in rice. You want the water to evaporate and leave the phone if possible.   Good luck-

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    Most sensible people will ignore rumour sites. Until Apple announces it, an iPhone is not waterproof, and should be treated as such. If you're very lucky, you might have a happy experience. Just as you might win your local lottery.


    For now, iPhones generally die on submersion in water.

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    I just dropped my Iphone 5 in the bath! Was in there for about 2 seconds, completley submerged but it APPERS to be working fine. May not be water proof by design but does not appaer to do a bad job of it by the sounds of people comments! Must be a lot of lucky pople around......or its design makes it pretty good at dealing with water.

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    I was on a stag do (bachelor party if you're American) in Slovenia when an idiot friend of mine pushed me into a fountain. The phone survived. The friend didn't.