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So I just completed a move and was setting up my scanner when I noticed I forgot to lock the head. Great, I figured, busted scanner. Well, I plugged it in and scanned two photos fine in Image Capture.


When I attempted to scan the third, the overview scan worked fine, but the scan itself failed. Imagecapture freezes with the overlay "Scanning document 'foo.'" I can request another overview, which works fine, but there is no longer a "Scan button."


This leads me to believe the problem is a software problem. I found this error message in console:



3/28/13 5:14:56.597 PM Image Capture[358]: ERROR: Scanner 'CanoScan 4400F' reported scan progress percentage of '38682944.195263', which is greater than 100!



Any advice?


This is a 2010 iMac, 10.8.3, and a Canon 4400F scanner.