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Can I use Dropbox with Pages

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi
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    Well .... What you have to do is email the file to yourself and then you can Open In DropBox from the mail app. Not the cleanest way on earth, but it will work.


    Pages does not support DropBox. Apple wants you to use iCloud.

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    You can open a document in stored in DropBox using pages, but not the other way around.

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    You can in a round about way. After finishing with your document, you can send it by email to your Sugarsync account, using their facility for "uploading as e-mail". It is then a simple matter of transferring from the Sugarsync app into Dropbox on your iPad using the option provided. It will then arrive with a different file name. If you wish to edit then from Dropbox, then you can open again in Pages and go round again.

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    Pages supports webdav transfers and the print to format.


    There is a third party conduit that adds access to your Dropbox storage from WITHIN pages.


    It does however have a monthly charge of $5 to use


    Visit this site for details



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    This question was posted in July of 2012 and there were workarounds back then. Now if you are running the latest version of Pages, you can simply use the Share and Print feature and then select Open In Another App and send the file to DropBox from there.


    I have the free basic DropBox account, and I pay nothing at all to use it - for up to 2GB of storage - which more than suits my needs for accessing files.

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    True that gets the file into Dropbox, and yes you can use the dropbox app and open in app protocol all for free but that does mean you have to open two apps have the iPad do some manipulation with duplicate files copied.


    What dropdav does is contain everything within Pages.


    Your working in Pages and want to edit a document you know is in your Dropbox you simply tap on the + in the top left of the Pages document screen scroll to copy from Webdav and all your Dropbox files and folders show up right there WITHIN Pages thuslyPhoto.jpg




    Any compatilbe file is bold and can be opened DIRECTLY in PAGES edited and returned seemlessly with the copy to Webdav or yes the print to Dropbox (Both work)Photo-2.jpg

    The key is Webdav integration within Pages allows for external file transfer.

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    Excellent! Works a treat!

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    I'm not disputing what you are saying, I merely pointed out to aidmail that you can move a file from Pages to your DropBox for access to the files on a computer. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no longer a convoluted workaround. I also stated that this suits my needs - which it does - quite nicely.


    Apparently that is what aidmail wanted to do.

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    Here is my situation: I would like to work on a document on both my iPad and MacBook Pro, using Dropbox for storage.


    On the iPad I use Pages, and on the MacBook I use Word. -- Is it possible to keep one version of this document in DropBox that I use on both machines?


    I have a subscription to DropDav, but using it with Pages and Word, via Dropbox, means I end up with multiple copies of my document.. I have the same problem when using the "open document in app" function now in Pages and ios6.


    Any suggestions for holding to one copy? It would eliminate a lot of confusion.



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    I had a similar problem with Dropbox (the free version) that I found a solution for. I have last year's MacBookAir laptop, a new iPhone 5S and a new iPadAir. I could always open a Pages document in DropBox on my MacBook and on my old iPhone 4S. But the Pages doc wouldn't open in DropBox on the new 5S and new iPad. It turns out that IOS7 can't open a Pages doc in DropBox, on the 5S or iPad Air, like it could on older phones and iPads.


    Here's the fix: First I made a copy of the Pages doc that was filed in Documents. Then I exported it as a Word Doc and put that one into the DropBox on the laptop. With iCloud it automatically appeared in the DropBoxes on both the iPhone 5S and iPad Air. The word doc opened just fine on both. I keep this document password protected and it all works effortlessly.


    If you're having a simillar problem, give it a try.