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I need convincing advice:


Is it worth it to purchase an iPad mini when someone already owns an iPhone 5?

I personally cannot understand the purpose especially when the iPad is going to be tethered to the iPhone (avoiding double payments for 3G internet access).

Can someone give me a pracrical and convincing argument to provide my son as he thinks I am biased.


Thank you

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    The iPad has a bigger screen other then that they both do the same thing, it is more fun for games and using the internet on the iPad, as well as watching movies. In the end I aggree with you, my daughter gave me the same argument and she lost.

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    No one "needs" an iPad.Tell your son it's your money and you'll spend it how you please and you don't have to justify your decisions to him. If he wants an iPad, he needs to buy it himself. 


    Best of luck.

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    Well let me take the other side of the coin here.


    I have an iPhone, and I have an iPad.

    I use both extensively and for different things.


    I hardly do much web browsing on my phone, or watch movies or Tv shows which I do on the iPad.


    I use my phone more for messaging and email and some browsing when I'm out and about, but its not very convenient to want to browse websites on the phone for extended periods of time.   I also use my phone for GPS, and mapping which I hardly ever do on the iPad. .


    I also hardly ever tether the iPad to my Phone, instead I'll connect the iPad to wifi networks when available.


    Personally I think trhey offer different things. But I will admit I though the same thing back when I was debating getting the iPad. Back then I did not have an iPhone, only an iPod touch , as was thinking pretty much the same thing. Its just going to be a larger iPod, its really not worth it....boy was I wrong.


    But ultimately its your money, if you want to spend on an iPad or not. The real question is what he plans on doing with it.  It may be perhaps redundant for him, but it wasn't for me.

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    Te view across seems quite cogent to me. Especially that he is insisting on the MINI which is utterly



    Meg: My son pays me back for everyrhing he buys, not a question of money but more so of overindulging in redundancies/


    Phil: You did not mention whether you purchased a regular iPad or a Mini... I am mainly concerned with the upgrade to a MINI


    jh : Like your answer... Dont want to force the issue as it is my son's own money (eventually) but he works hard and he already has a lap top, when does one draw the line of overconsumption really?


    Thank you all for the input.

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    I have an iPhone 5 and a Mini. I have no regrets - I would not return or trade either one. They do similar but different things. The phone is a phone and it is more portable. The Mini, with a larger screen, is much better for reading news, books, emails, Safari and the like.


    You can purchase a wi-fi only Mini so there are no double cellular charges.



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    What about when you are out and there is no WiFi, you would need both units the iPhone for 3G access therefore tethering.

    This is no great issue really, simply trying to save my son some hard earned $.


    Thank You for your input.

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    When there is no wifi, I just use the phone.


    However, I can read my Kindle books and downloaded news on the Mini.



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    Thank you George

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    and yet I have no understanding of why someone would want a phone with a high monthly contract anyway. I have an ipad 3, macbook pro and ipod touch, and feel like I'm 'overindulged'. (and way too connected)

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    I bought a regular iPad as Mini's hadn't yet been invented at the time..


    But the point remains wether its a mini or a regular one as they can do the same things.


    The screen size difference is still very noticeable between the Phone and the mini, but not as much between the mini and the regular one. 


    Still it depends on what you are going to use it for. But the phone and the iPad do server different purposes when you get down to it