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This has occurred on 2 different occassions. In both cases, I can not identify a viral email that I would have opened that could have started this as we are very cautious about opening unknown emails, and definately NEVER double click on links that come through in nuisance/ spam type e-mails.


This morning was the second time that it appears my iphone was somehow involved in automatically sending out a mass nuisance message to all my contacts (phone contacts/ facebook contacts/ yahoo contacts).  The email contained no message - except for a single link to an unknown destination of course since I refuse to dbl click on it to see what I have sent out to my friends.


This is the second time it has happened. I have posted on facebook to all my friends to not open the message. I have deleted ALL my contacts from both my phone and from yahoo contact list. I even deleted facebook and all it's info. from my phone to remove their contact lists. I don't want this to keep happening to my friends. The only thing I haven't deleted is my phone contacts (phone numbers) but I am assuming it may very well happen again since the automatic message was also sent to my phone contacts. (Not sure how that even happens - an auto email to a phone number?)


I have been reading on this site that it is nearly impossible to get a virus on your iphone - however, what other explanation is there? I don't have a PC - I don't have any Windows products in my home. We own 1 ipad and 2 iphones at the moment. I never access my yahoo account from anywhere but my MAC products.  What is happening and how can it be resolved?



iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3