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I just bought a mac mini and transferred everything via a hard drive from my 2006 macbook and am now using the hard drive as a time machine backup... Before transferring my mac mini was very fast. After transfer, it is now almost as unbearably slow as my macbook was. Everything lags even if I don't have much open. It used to take 4 "bounces" to open iTunes, now it takes about 15 as well as significant time on either side before iTunes is actually functional. Everything else is also very slow and laggy, which is a pain for even just searching the web.

I tried repairing disk permissions and repairing disk but I am not sure what else to do. I'd appreciate any help!

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    I've never had great success transfering settings from one computer to another, especially if it from an older OSX. If there were any problems with the previous computer you just import them to your new one. I've always done a clean install and only imported data. That would be my advice to you. Back up all your tunes, documents, movies etc. and do a complete erase and install from new. Just be aware you will have to install all your software again too, so I hope you have it. I've always had Toast, which has a back up app as part of the suite called, 'Get Back Up RE'. It allows you to back up specific applications (iTunes, iPhoto, etc.) with all your settings and then you can restore it to the original with ease.



    Your other options would be to run a disc maintenance program like Onyx and hope it fixes the issues. You could also try deleting .plist files for the offending apps from the preferences folder, but there is no guarantee that will do anything to resolve the issues. You could spend the next few weeks trying many different fixes with no success, whereas, a clean install and re-installing your data will only take a few hours.


    Hope this helps


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    Thanks!! I downloaded OnyX and it helped speed me up significantly. I also looked and saw that in the system memory section of the activity monitor I have pretty even splits between red yellow and blue with an almost invisible green slice... What is the best way to fix that?