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Please help!


Our Configuation:

We have my almost 3-year-old iMac that is hard connected with an ethernet cable to our Time Warner Cable wireless modem on the first floor of our home.

On the 2nd floor of our home we have my husband's old G5 computer that we are trying to connect wirelessly with no success.


Details on the G5: 

Model Number:  A1117 EMC 2023 

PM G5  2GH 2DC / 512MB / 160GB / 16X / DL SD/GF6500LE

Operation System:  10.4.11


Details on Wireless Modem:



We  tried three devices that after installing the software that came with it ALL WORKED in finding the wireless network that we assigned.  It even allowed us to "connect" and showed an 89% signal strength. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually connect us to the internet because the connection blinks on and off about every 3 seconds.  The message when it blinks off says that it cannot find the IP address. 


So after those three failed attempts we brought the G5 to the Apple Store Genius Bar and a nice gentleman after explaining they weren't trained to help us with "Vintage" computers found me someone who was willing to help me.  He showed me that on eBay I could purchase the M8881LL/A Airport Extreme Card and install it and we would be set.  SO, we bought it, installed the software and then put the card in the slot as he showed us at the store.  BUT, we cannot put the little antenna in the little round hole for anything and we are wondering if this fix is yet another failed attempt.


Please help!  Anyone understand why we are having trouble and has a solution for us?  Thank you in advance for your time.


AN ADDED NOTE:  I AM able to connect wirelessly in my home with my laptop and my Kindle.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), G5 Model Number: A1117 EMC 2023