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Does any one know where I can find a TAM CD drive? I have a TAM, no that's not correct, TAM Prototype and the Prototype CD-ROM drive is dead, as in if you open the drive door and insert a CD it doesn't spin up and it doesn't show up in system profiler.


20th Anniversary Mac, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier, Prototype Model
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    We have a TAM, how is a TAM prototype different?
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    Slower CPU, less ram, fan in different location, no labeled ports, doesn't require special version of OS 8...

    Here is what I have posted about the specs and everything:

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    Appaloosa mac man Level 5 Level 5 (4,325 points)
    Now that we have seen pictures, I have one question. Why won't a normal Apple CD-ROM drive fit? Isn't that a standard size CD-ROM or is the does the picture just give that impression. I have not personally taken the TAM apart because it works.
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    I don't think the drive has a regular tray, I think the door hinges out instead. But I don't own one of these, Jim, I'm just going from (possibly faulty) memory.

    My recollection is that this Mac is similar to a beefed-up 6500. That means it has an IDE Hard Drive, taking up the ONLY IDE cable available (no sharing in these models). That means the 4X CD would have to be a SCSI model.

    Maybe the best you can do is use a SCSI external. I have one -- if you need it, email me.
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    Thanx for piquing my curiosity. The TAM belongs to my son and is in pristine condition-and boxed up in the original packaging- so I am inclined to not tamper with it.

    I did some simplistic searching and found this quote at Wikipedia:

    "With a normal development cycle for a Macintosh computer taking around 24 months, the TAM was rushed through in roughly half that time, which would explain the use of "off-the-shelf" parts for the majority of its internal workings."

    "Although most of the inside components were off-the-shelf (with the exception of a custom logic board), the exterior was designed to represent a state-of-the-art futuristic vision."

    Sounds like pretty straight forward components. My recollection is that the only thing special was the looks and the sound. Nothing fancy for hardware or performance.

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    Here is the KB just for your reference:

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    I guess I have to stick with the Yamaha External CD burner. Oh, well. It isn't going to kill me.
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    I happen to have the same problem. My CD-ROM does not work in my TAM#1. I acquired a second TAM, and used that CD to swap into TAM#1. But I am still going to figure out how to repair the bad CD. I figure I should be able to cannibalize another Mac CD of that era. I just replaced a broken LCD in my TAM#2. See my pics and labels regarding how I did it. I'll post updates about my CD research.

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    I can't find any other CD devices like the CR-504D after searching the Internet. My TAM's CD manufacture date is July 1997. I pulled a SCSI CD from my PowerMac 9600, it's a CR-508C manufacture date July 1997. The TAM top-load is completely different than the tray-load device. Internal electronics and form are different. I can't see any swappable components. I will see if I can modify a tray-load CD with a top-load spindle drive motor, and make a custom metal case to match the TAM CD.
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    Here is what I finally found out, and did. I bought a 600i SCSI 4x drive for $15 on eBay. The TAM drive is model CR-504-D. The 600i drive is CR-504-C. Very close. I took it apart and the mechanism and circuit board are almost identical to the TAM. The circuit board has a different soldered-on IC, and a couple small switches soldered on tat can be ignored (for sensing the open/close and controlling the eject motor tray). Rather than desolder the IC chips for a swap, I tried only swapping the mechanical optical drive assembly. Yippee, my TAM now plays CDs.


    If swapping just the optical drive assembly doesn't make your CD play, then try using the CR-504-C circuit board. There are a couple wires to transfer from the old board, easily soldered into place. Jumpers on the pins need to be removed (SCSI ID and termination). The one unknown is the IC chip. They have different labels between the two CD devices. I have not yet tested it to see if the TAM will operated with the 600i IC chip.


    So... a Mac 600i CD drive is very compatible with the TAM. Make sure it's the CR-504-C as there are others that may not be compatible.

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    There are resources available online for repairs like this. Just search eBay. People can repair your TAM CD Drive and get it working again. It's a service that few can perform but as time continues these drives will need more and more attention.