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The important stuff...All my data is backed up and no I did not buy the extended warranty on this and the one year I had expired in December. I use this for my business so today I am just losing money. I had never had any issues with my IMAC until last evening. I grabbed a soda and came back to my office and my screen was a dark gray...like going on standby but I couldn't wake it up. I had to do a hard shut down (hold power button). I restarted and the OS came up fine, logged on and about 5 minutes later it happened again. Hard restart. Worked okay for a moment and then the screen started jumping and flickering. That was the last time I saw my OS.


I have tried to restart using various methods found here and on the interenet. Recovery mode, safe mode, single user mode. I sometimes get a blue screen but most times the white screen Apple logo and busy wheel for a little while and it stops on a blank white screen.


I am not sure if I am having a software or hardware problem. I do not have a disk to reinstall the OS. I am a pretty savvy Windows repair person and do make a bit of money from it but have never opened up a Mac before.


So your opinions to what is going on with my IMAC? Is there something else I could try? If it is a hardware issue, are these IMACs complicated to repair and where would one get parts?


After being a Windows user until I bought this last year, it is a bit disappointing that this expensive (relative to a Dell for the same money) machine lasts but a year. I was happy I switched until last night.


Can you help? Thanks

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    If you can run Apple Hardware Test in EXTENDED MODE at least 2-3 times in succession. If it reports any errors then you know you have a hardware issue and need to take it in for repair. It's highly unusual it would fail after a year however if it's something like a HD they can fail at any time. Remember Apple (nor Dell or HP) make HD's they supplied by 3rd party manufacturers. In the future it's always smart to buy AppleCare, however that's water under the bridge now. If there is a hardware failure it's going to have to be fixed at your expense.


    Before doing the AHT I'd also recommend starting in Safe Mode . Give that a try first. Also try rebooting in the Recovery Partion, and run Disk Utility - Repair Permissions and Repair Disk.