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ios 6 not compatible for ipad 1?, ios 6 not compatible for ipad 1?

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  • Calculating status...

    Those who ignore history (Mr Cook and company) are bound to repeat it (;-)

  • deggie Level 8 Level 8 (44,870 points)

    He is not ignoring anything, the problems of the mid-nineties had nothing to do with the situation today.


    Perhaps if you call him he can explain to you that your iPad 1 only has 256MB of RAM with is why it cannot handle iOS 6.

  • stedman1 Level 9 Level 9 (50,060 points)

    So profound.

  • Stevec1966 Calculating status...

    It's great that so many people are now joining in and agreeing with the customer service and customer journey element of this discussion now, which helps balance out the off-topic reprisals and Apple fans abuse.


    Just to remind everyone of my experience in-store.  Once I'd spoken with several technicians, they said, 'yes, it's redundancy by the back door', then gave me (at today's exchange rate), $302 off a new Ipad.  The problem is, is that I need to know that this behaviour has changed, otherwise, I am still investing time, money and energy into the same thing happening in 2 years time, with the release of IOS 13.


    Something to think about, and I am not a fan of MS, who also don't listen to the their customers, but I just did a quick random thought and asked myself the question "what operating system supports what?"  I searched for touch typing programs (don't ask) to see how far back PC programs get supported.  This one supports W8, W7, Vista and XP, and I believe (but could be wrong) that XP came out October 2001.  So programs, still being sold that will work on a Microsoft platform that is at least 11 years old.  Not 2.


    Typically my posts on this issue have been rewarded by multi Apple-device owning fans, responding with abuse.  No empathy, or sympathy and statements about our opinions equating us to wailing children.  But, IMHO, the point for Apple is that feedback is the ultimate tool of business, and if Apple address this (what about contacting all Apple 1 owners, and offering a return and upgrade-they have ALL our details!), then us 'customer service' valuers, will turn into outrageous fans.  Because we do.  When we get it.

  • sabrams Calculating status...

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote note on this forum criticizing Apple's planned obsolescence of the iPad1. Ever since, Apple has been spamming my email account - even though I have set my support community preferences to exclude any and all messages from this company. Is anyone else getting spammed by Apple, for stating an opinion in here?

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (11,010 points)

    sabrams wrote:


    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote note on this forum criticizing Apple's planned obsolescence of the iPad1. Ever since, Apple has been spamming my email account - even though I have set my support community preferences to exclude any and all messages from this company. Is anyone else getting spammed by Apple, for stating an opinion in here?

    Oh, bull!

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (37,475 points)

    sabrams wrote:


    Ever since, Apple has been spamming my email account - even though I have set my support community preferences to exclude any and all messages from this company. Is anyone else getting spammed by Apple, for stating an opinion in here?

    Turning off all email preferences is not entirely obvious. Take a look at this user tip:


  • doiwjeoriehorwierwoih Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't get spammed by apple.   Not In connection with this, or to any unusual extent.   However, I do get enormous numbers of replies to this topic from the support forums.  I do believe though, when I have posted to this thread,  I did opt to be notified of it's activity.  I don't know that my email is included here,  just an automatic forwarding of all replies.   Perhaps there is a difference there.   That is,  whether your email is being distributed, which I believe I have said NO to, and receiving notifications from the support forum of replies.   

  • ABC CEO Calculating status...

    I have also expressed most critical opinions, but in no way has Apple violated any privacy condition as a result. I do get an email to every reply on this thread, but that is an auto opt-in that you van easily turn off by clicking under the e-mail.


    And as I had announced earlier, I sent my iPad1 back to Apple today. It has become an obsolete and inferior machine that in my opinion does not live up to sustainable and durable standards. If you all do the same, you make your point and we can close this thread. So either act on your opinion or stop nagging, is what I would advise all.


    I have just ordered the Google Nexus 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S III. I will also terminate following this thread, so no use to reply to me.


    Goodbye Apple, hello other fruit!

  • sabrams Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    Thankyou so much for sending the user tip. You are right. Turning off all notification preferences is not entirely obvious. Even though I had checked "no" in every box, I was still getting notifications. I thought, incorrectly, that Apple was punishing me for being critical.



    You were right, and I was wrong. But if you think that a company like Apple would never be vindictive or petty, then you're living in a different America than I am.

  • doiwjeoriehorwierwoih Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    While the author of the previous post, as he said, may not see this, I think some points are well said and thought I would add a couple of my thoughts.   It is true that more consumers and customers should contact Apple directly to voice their dissatisfaction.   I note that I have heard of concessions made through the Apple store and perhaps, the sending of an iPad back might get them to take some notice.   It is clear that these "Support Forums" are not monitored or assisted by APPLE.   They should take note of the lack of civility that often comes forth in posts here.  I learned some time ago that they tend to be of very little value.    My concern is that people with problems, often turn here as their first course of action and get Teed off at the lack of respect, the arrogance etc. that comes forth. The denial that Apple can have faults and imperfections is annoying.   I have had and used many Apple products and have encountered many defects and malfunctions.  Bad Hard Drives and Optical drives, broken screens, crashes, etc.    It certainly doesn't reflect well on Apple and they should either step up or make it abundantly clear that the assistance that is provided here on THEIR forums and in THEIR name is NOT OFFICIAL ASSISTANCE.   If you need proper care, go to a Genius bar or CALL Tech Support.  I have to give APPLE customer and Tech support some credit.  When I have called them or taken my iMac, Macbook Pro or other product to an Apple store, I have received great help and courtesy.    


    That said,  My iPad 1 still has some value.  It still shows pictures and plays some music and plays many of the games.   last I knew,  I was having severe difficulty connecting to the internet through Safari and many of the apps that I depend on are no longer supported and don't operate properly.   Especially those that require the connection to the internet or a network.    When I found I was having problems, I did buy an iPad 4 as it was the best solution, for me,  at that time. However, since then, I have seen many friends buy tablets and, not wanting to pay Apple prices, bought Android based products.   I have to say that I have been impressed by them and their overall quality.   I still think the iPad looks better and has an edge but that may be a narrow edge.   If Apple doesn't take notice and do something about their image and issues like this,  more people will venture off to other options with, perhaps, better VALUE.   Such as I did when I bought my smart phone.   I bought the HTC Thunderbolt because it had a better camera, had expandable memory, a replacable battery and was cheaper than the comparable IPHONE.    The IPHONE screen might have been better but on something as small as a phone, that wasn't as important to me as the cost.    On an iPAD though,  it is a little bit more significant for a larger screen.    As I said in a previous post, there is quality and there is VALUE.   People may be willing to compromise on some quality or features that might not be critical to them, for budget and VALUE sensitivities.      Like Betamax and VHS and I am sure there are many other examples.... Yes, to a big extent PC over MAC,  lesser quality products sell better because they do what people want and have a VALUE component to them.    I don't know what all the reasons are for Apples decline in stock value but 700/share down to about 431.99 should take some notice.      

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (37,475 points)

    sabrams wrote:



    Thankyou so much for sending the user tip.


    Glad it was useful. Sorry for the bad formatting.

  • tomg15 Calculating status...

    Haven't read through all the messages but I generally agree that abandoning iPad 1 is a poor decision.  Even if the platform cannot support IOS6 it could certainly support additional IOS 5 updates.  Personally I'd pay to get some of the major Safari bugs sorted.  Crashes hourly now when using popular web sites like Washington Post and TechCrunch.  Safari team and Apple generally should be embarassed by the software quality.

  • hraducan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think the best thing they could do is to give a hefty discount to those Ipad1 owners that are willing to upgrade. You should be able to turn in your IPad1, and get a 300$ discount towards your new Ipad. I think that would generate a lot of goodwill towards Apple.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (11,010 points)

    Of course.  When Honda introduced stability control, they offered a hefty discount to all those owners that had inferior vehicles.

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