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I recently purchased an Akai EWI USB wind controller. I'm loving it. It works well standalone and in Pro Tools 10. It also works in Logic provided I do not want to use the Akai EWI Garritan software that comes with it.

When I start Logic (I've been trying this in 32 bit for the time being) I get the following message:

Audio Unit authorization error.
The Audio Unit “EWI USB” by “Akai” reports that it is not properly authorized to be used on this system.
Please check the plug-in's documentation for more information about its copy protection. You may open the plug-in's graphic interface now for managing copy protection.

Being that there is no other authorization left to do on the Akai side, and also that it works fine in Pro Tools 10, I can't figure out what could possibly be the problem.

Any ideas will be extremely welcome.

Thank you,


imac i7; macbook pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.8)