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How do I remove my or change my ALTERNATE APPLE ID?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • softwater Level 5 (5,370 points)

    Try this link




    and click the large blue  'Manage your Apple ID' button on the right.

  • MK Coolum Beach Level 1 (0 points)

    This wont allow you to remove, edit or change the alternate ID.


    Another time wasting effort by Apple to confuse everything.  I want 1 ID only, which was set up years ago.  I'll tell you if I want an alternative.  Don't just create it & not let me manage it.



  • Clow Reed Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone figured this out yet? I absolutely need to change my alternate Apple ID. I changed my Apple ID because it was my original E-mail address, except hosted in another domain.


    I changed my ID because I think someone is after my private info. If people can log in using my Alternate Apple ID (which is the original E-mail also, in another domain), then this completely defeats the purpose of changing my main ID.


    I set up all this when I was young and stupid. Please someone tell me there IS a way to change the Alternate Apple ID.

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi Clow Reed,


    There are several Apple Forum Discussion on this very topic.  All end the same...no one has found a way to change the Alternate Apple ID.


    This is simply nasty.

  • Loxx Level 1 (0 points)

    My EX WIFE somehow managed to set her email address as MY alternate ID, and I want to delete it!


    If someone can PLEASE post on here from APPLE & allow me to change the alternate ID - because this is REDICULOUS!

  • markwmsn Level 5 (5,572 points)



    We're all just users here trying to help each other. If you want an answer from Apple, contact Apple.

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    Just got off with tech support on this alternate ID thing.  It gets created by their system (they never warn you or alert you that you are even getting one) and is created with an @me.com or @icloud.com ending, and starts with what ever email it finds attached to your account other than your primary email that it is using for your primary id.  NO you cannot change it, whats more, even tech support cannot change it.  You are stuck with it for life under that account unless Apple changes it software.  It uses the same password as your primary ID, so can be used as a different logon if for some strange reason using your main ID doesnt seem to be working.  Thats the official word from tech support.

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    Thank you so much.  Been trying to correct my iclould email address/alternate Apple ID since June 2012 when I purchased the iphone 4s.  I'm on the road out of the country and unable to call Apple. 


    I too am sorry for the fact that Apple has no way of helping customers with this.

  • Joseph1113 Level 1 (120 points)

    When you create yoyr icloud email adrress (or your Alternate Apple ID) you have a message telling you that you can't change this adress... I also wanted to change my icloud adress and I contacted Apple Support and they gave me the same answer...

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    Why can't Apple allow us to remove that alternate _me.com address when it can calmly go ahead & shut down the service? I request Apple to put in some effort to relieve us of this alternate pain.

  • Rod Christiansen Level 1 (5 points)

    I actually want to link an Alternate Apple ID with my current Apple ID.


    Here is the scenario, I have 2 Apple IDs:


    1. iTunes Media purchases (apps, music, movies..) with Apple ID 'name@domain.com'
    2. Personal iCloud (email, contacts, calendar) with Apple ID 'name@me.com'


    I have tried before to merge these two and I know its not possible but maybe by linking them as an Alternative Apple ID, it will solve my issues and I can have one Apple ID for everything.


    I have a friend who has been able to do this. Look at his account:

    apple id screen.jpg


    He can sign in with either emails and its one iCloud account!


    See the caption? "You can use your Apple ID or your Alternate Apple ID to access everything you do with Apple" Sounds to me like a merging of the accounts?


    Any ideas?

  • Bora56 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks so much for clueing me into the fact that this "generated" alternate ID has the same password as the primary.  Phew!  I've been struggling with this for days to get that pop-up to stop!!  Thanks for sharing your experience!!

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    according to other answers on the forums, there STILL isn't a way to change your alternate apple id.  It's ridiculous that they have yet to address this issue since it's obviously a concern to so many people!

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    This makes no sense to me.  How is it I can change my Primary ID (or edit), but no options for a Secondary ID.  Please Apple, please explain this to me why this is such a dilemma??