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my iphone 4 problem: during calls, though I avoid pressing the screen, the phone attempts to go to facetime, or contacts, or dials other numbers, or drops the call.  I recall it doing this years ago, but then there was a fix.  My phone was new in 2009; I am current with software updates. Suggestions appreciated. 

iPhone 4
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    just try a simple reset

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    Is your cheek touching the screen? My buddy had this happen to him quite a bit. Make a phone call and slowly move your hand towards the screen (specifically the upper area where the earpiece is) There is a rangefinder right above that speaker and the screen should go black when your hand gets within an inch of the screen. If not, it could be hardware or software reated. Try  backing up and restoreing your device or just set up an appointment at an Apple store.

    My buddy's issue turned out to be hardware related and he was within his 12 months so he got a new phone.

    But since your phone has served you well for 4 years, I'd try the software route and consider getting a newer phone if that doesnt fix it and the issue is really bothering you.

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    Do you have a case or screen protector on the phone? If so, try removing it. Sometimes they interfere with the proximity sensor.

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    Thanks, here's what:

    Case removal didn't help, my hubby did the soft reset twice, didn't help.  My husband said the proximity sensor is broken.  I am going to make a genius appt at Apple.  I'm concerned repair may be costly for my almost 4 year old phone. Rumor less expensive model coming out this summer.

    I had one incident where my phone got barely splashed with water, didn't seem to be a big deal, not immersed, but looking back around the same time problem started.

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    That's the thing about water and electronics. Even a little bit, if it gets into the right place, can cause damage. And sometimes, the damage is limited to one odd thing.


    Best of luck.