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This BUG in iPhoto is very annoying, try it yourself. Im suprised they havent fixed it over the years. How can I report it?


• Take any landscape photo, EDIT in external editor (i use photoshop)

• Crop the photo so its now portrait, & save. (i use a proportionally correct crop, but i think any landscape to portrait crop is the same)

• back in iPhoto you can see the thumbnail of your new portrait photo but you cannot view it large because it forces a 100% zoom into one corner which you cant change.


This bug has been in iPhoto for years now, finally i guess i better report it because it seems no one else has. I cant find a way to do this on the apple website, is there a link?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    To report to Apple iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback. Or the contact us link at the bottom of every page of this forum


    As to the external editor issue there are many discussions you can search for. I do not remember if there is a resolution or not



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    Exact same problem- and I have the following


    Ever since I have upgraded to iPhoto 11 I have discovered the following bug which is a right pain.


    I take a photo with my Nikon at 3008 x 2000 pixels.  I put this photo into iPhoto.  Using command-I I pull up the metadata window.  Many times when I double click on the thumbnail the photo opens and immediately zooms to some ridiculous size.  A quick check in the Metadata window shows the reolution is no longer 3008 x 2000 but has changed to something like 1400x916.  Huh?  Duplicating that photo and then deleting the original - everything goes back to normal.  Shut the computer down and re-open and guess what?  now there's a bunch more photos with the exact same problem.  Some people have suggested rebuilding the thumbnails but come on guys - even after doing this random photos fall foul of this bug.  If it was just one or two I could perhaps live with it - but I've just had to correct over 200 photos.  Tedious or what?


    And don't get me started on cropping in an external editor.  That's just a nightmare.  I've had to resort to cropping my photos first in iPhoto to prevent iPhoto "stetching" externally cropped photos to fit.  That seems to work.  This is undoubtedly the buggiest version of iPhoto that I'ver ever used.  It absolutely needs fixing.


    And yes I have used the iPhoto feedback feature to complain to Apple about this.