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Hello everyone, I am thinking to update to the new OSX Mountain Lion (I know its long ago since it was out) but habe been using Snow Leopard 10.6.8.


The reason I sticked to Snow Leopard for so long its because I work with design applications from Adobe since long ago (using currently the Creative Cloud subscription at the moment) and I was just affraid to update to the newer OSX since it was out because I wouldnt like to deal with problems and bugs from the design softwares I am running or have incompatibilities and stuff. I need to work on a daily basis with them so I didnt want to screw it up...


So now, I have been facing some behaviours with the apps that I would like to sort out... So Would you reccomend me to Update?

Just want to make sure that all apps I use for design and else must work well and be supported with the New OSX.. 


And also let me mention a few important recent problems with some app I have installed in my computer...


  • First, I have been keeping some Apps organized inside folders within the Application folder, for example, all my design app from Adobe and other ones like 3D or else are kept inside a folder I created called "Design Apps" on my dock and I needed to throw in there all the Alias from apps I ussually use, because the main App file cant be moved from the root folder where is installed.... so ussually I keep a number of folders like this inside the root Application one, like "tools", "browsers", "audio apps" etc... I even add a nice custom Icon to the folder so they look nicer and they sit on the right side of my Dock, its handy when you open them as a stack or folder to find what I need.

          >The problem here is that I moved almost all OSX apps as well to some of this folders, I created "MAc apps" like iPhoto, iDvd, Preview, etc And also "Safari" and "App Store".... so there is part of the problem..


          Just noticed that since I updated some components last time I have been running normaly the browser Safari (5.1.7), but I just noticed that I have a new version (5.1.8), and that version is sitting in my root Application folder and somehow it has No Icon. So I proceded to open it and KaBum!... I losted all the previous session (as I always have many usefull tabs open there), so that made me realize that that was the new safari and i have been using the old version, maybe because I have been open it from the"Browsers" folder I keep in the dock...


          Then I tried to recover tabs and else, blah blah... and I couldn't find a way to put the icon back (tried restart, remove from dock, replace into my "browsers" folder, etc) Nothing worked and now just writing this post from the No Icon safari.


After that, I just wanted to see about updating to Mountain Lion and when I was looking for the > App Store app I just found the same, I had the old one in my "mac apps folder" and a new one apparently on my root Application folder (also this new one with a missing Icon), so I did maybe something stupid:  I took the new one (No Icon) and dragged to my "mac apps folder" and then, well when tried to open it didnt work... it said something like this: <It seems that this App have problems or is damaged and cant be opened> .... I wasnt abble to open App Store, therefore no able to update OSX=  f&#@...

I just though that this can just happened to all my OSX apps and that the reason they are not working properly: safari, app store, mail app...


So the thing I did was to go to my backup Hard Drive and open Time Machine and restore the App Store from a few days ago, and it worked!

but it wont work to safari or mail app as I dont remember where was the last time I updated those..


So now all the problem in my head is to make a desission..  Shouls I update to Mountain Lion and will it fix all this problems???




1. My design apps and else will work well? Adobe CS6, blender, cinema 4D, else...


2. What about all my personal folders where I keep all my apps organized?  >> Should I put all the apps back into the root Application folder before update to Mountain Lion, or it will handle this even with all the Alias and Original app files inside the folders (maybe is better if I put all apps in the main right??


3. about Safari, App Store and other apps that I keep in folders, should I put them out in the main before updating? and will it solve conflicts and correct to newer up to date versions?   .... 

I had and still a problem with the Mail app that I had it in one of my personal folders in the dock called "cconnecting" and There was an issue when updating to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 long time ago and it reffered to: you must have the mail app in the root Application folder or it wont work properly after the update, you can see the discussion here:



So I had and still have this problem, and just wondering if the update to the new OSx will solve it?


4. is there anything I should know regarding to files, if the change location or something for some reason when updating the OSX?



Well guys, Im sorry for the long post, but I would really appreciate your help as my support and waranty expired a while ago so can't take it to the apple stotre to fix it..


Thank you in advance


Best regards


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hey sorry I forgot to mention other of my problems, is that somehow from some time ago, I dont remember if it was after any software update or so I have been banging my head to the screen because on "Finder" in the >Places items on the left side everything works fine when I check files using the Finder app..   but when I want to upload a file from a browser to the web or using my mail client (sparrow) or other web service to upload a file, when i click to >open file form computer and th Finders show up I am not able to see content in the >Places items on the left side, when i click I just can see their Icons in the content on the right colum, and I can only access the file if I go to > Places > User  > Archives .....  thats the only way to upload a filethen, so Im wondering if this issue could be corrected with the new OSX.. 


    Thanks again...

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    The only way I found to get around the (potential) problems you describe was to install a larger hard drive and split it into 2 partitions. On one partition I have a complete bootable clone of my previous hard drive (with Snow Leopard) and on the other, Mountain Lion.


    When I need to use an application that won't run in ML, I reboot into the other partition.


    One more point: like you, I used to be in the habit (for my own convenience) of keeping applications in subfolders created by me. This doesn't work too well in ML and I would advise against it.


    Whatever you decide to do, make a complete bootable clone of your existing hard drive, to an external drive. Do that NOW before you do anything else.

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    Look at www.roaringapps.com to see if others are having problems with the software you need to use.

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    Hello Tom, thanks for the advise, will list that one to do after I get more responses, but your point is very good already, thank you man...

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    1. Already answered by cbs20. http://roaringapps.com/apps:table


    2. You do not have to re-organise anything.


    3. As above. Your previous problems with Mail may be be addressed by the newest Mail version.


    4. The main issues I had to deal with when I made the upgrade on two of my Macs:

    • had to repair permissions - there was a long long list of repairs - before eveything went smoothly;

    • some apps had to be reinstalled - Office 2011 was one of them;

    • learning curve using the new setup and features in Mail;

    • learning curve for trouble shooting procedures, e.g. User Library is hidden;


    Other advice:

    The obvious - have a back up before doing anything.

    Do not use wifi to transfer data. Ethernet is fast, wifi is molasses.


    Good luck.

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    Hey Eustace, thank you for your advices... and they sound straigh forward, so I suppose I shouldn't bother about the Mail app problem and other OSX Native apps when updating to Mountain Lion...


    I think I will try first to update my old mackbook pro to the new system and see if it works well with all the apps... so then I can update my main machine (imac)


    Thanks again...

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    I recommend doing a Repair Permissions on the startup drive, after you upgrade the OS.

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    Mountain Lion has Mission Control and Launch Pad for finding your apps, so it is probably a good thing to put them where the OS would normally have them when installed.  Your own data and apps are kept in the user account and not on the Root folder.


    You need to investigate the compatibility of your apps in RoaringApps and update as many as you can before attempting to migrate to ML, especially anti virus, Flash, Java and background apps. 


    It certainly would be a good idea of trying things out on a non critical computer beforehand.  How about doing a clean install and installing updates of all your apps from the manufacturer's websites. That way they would be placed where the OS wants too.  Once the computer is working well, you could transfer the new system to the other computer on installation of ML there.