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Hi guys.


Today when I played music through spotify to my car audio system (through minijack), my iPhone 5 turned itself off in the same way it does when the battery is empty. At this point, the battery was at 40%. When I tried turning it on immediately after, the 'connect to power outlet' symbol showed up.


I also remember I used the snapchat app at that point.


Now a couple of hours later, I could turn it on normally and I have 40% power left.


At the moment I'm running iOS 6.1.3 and I've never experienced this before.



Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be related to the amount of power drawn through the headphone jack?




iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    DePeX Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I managed to re-create this bug!


    In the last update of Snapchat, you got the ability to continue playing your music while the app was in use and that's where the problem is.


    When using Spotify to play music, while opening a snap in Snapchat, the iPhone turns itself off and doesn't turn on until you've plugged it in to power or wait for several minutes.


    Time to fix, Apple? ;)

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    I work in an electronics store and tell my customers about the advantage with iOS products because the OS throws out apps that crash, instead of the app crashing the entire OS.


    Should I stop saying that, or would you find a solution for this?



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    I think it's your phone that's broken.   If it's an iPhone 5, go get it replaced under warranty.

    If you can recreate that "bug" on another person's phone, then it's an entirely different story.

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    pdroth - i dont think the phone is broken.  Exact same thing happened to me four times now.  Not particular to that app.  Tried to use facebook today and it shut off and wouldn't turn back on despite the fact that once i got home and plugged it in there was 40% battery left.


    hello apple!!!  any answers yet?

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    Has happened again three more times... I cant use any app when the battery level is around 40% or the phone shuts off as though the battery is dead.  Today it happened trying to skype.  After two hours I was able to turn it back on and the phone said 39%.... then.... three minutes later it was at 4%.


    ***??  I am taking this hunk of crap back to the store and changing it in for a samsung!


    NO attempt from apple to fix this?  Blaming it on the app developers likely... take charge apple!  Ever since Steve died its been downhill... Mac Book Air keeps giving me trouble too.  No support for the Mac Pro line... I am seriously looking at going back to PC.


    Very dissapointed. 

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    Not that Mr Steve Ballmer is such an epic guy either but ok. What you could try is to restore the device and set it up as new device. Try download the apps again and see if the issue still occur.

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    Same here Iphone shutting down and I can't turn it back on for few hours or days....very annoying. Got nothing from apple to fix it, As you mentionned, the first time I was at 38% battery life and around that charge level today when it turned off.


    I work with my phone, everytime that happen I lose money and TIME next time I'll close my apple ID

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    I have been having the same issue for the past 2-3 weeks, only, my phone shuts off at around 17%. I HAVE to plug it back in and then wait a few minutes until it's ready to turn back on. I don't use snapchat and removed my Spotify a while ago. However, I did, briefly, reinstall Spotify a few weeks ago but I don't recall if the issue was present prior to the reinstall.

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    I too have had this issue,
    iPhone turns off at some random battery percentage, between 45% and 10%
    and wont turn back on for a few mins or unless plugged into charge.

    This is how I fixed the issue,
    In the settings Menu under General, there is the option to turn on or off the Battery Percentage indicator,
    Turn it off and straight back on again,
    you will find that the battery is in fact dead flat and the percentage indicator is reporting more charge than you actually have.
    turning of and on again seems to reset the calabration of the indicator.
    and reads correctly there after.

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         I have had this problem on my iPhone 5 for the last several months but recently the problem has gotten even worse. The first time I noticed it I was outside taking pictures on my phone and it randomly turned off around 20% and when I tried to turn it back on it said I had to charge my phone. My phone was really cold that day when I was outside and I read a thread on here later that night that a lot of people were saying they also had the same problem and maybe it was a result of the cold temperature. This happened in either late April or May and I had, had my iPhone since December. After that event, the problem probaby occurred a hand full of times (it was rare). Then this past summer, the problem starting occuring (it seemed like) every time my phone got too cold. For example, I was at a firework show on the 4th of July and it was really cold outside and (again) I was also taking pictures and videos on my phone and using Instagram then my phone turned off around 20% again. Again, I tried turning it back on and it said I needed to charge it. Thinking this problem was a result of the cold temperature, I warmed the phone up in the car and it turned back on when I tried again but eventually turned off again once it got cold.

         A few weeks ago I took my iPhone to the Apple Store and told them about the problem I was having. The Genius checked my phone on the computer there and said that it was showing nothing wrong with the battery. Today this problem has really gotten out of hand. Now my battery percentage will do things like jump down percentages and when the charger is plugged in, it immeaditely jumps back up to a higher percentage. And every time the phone gets to a cold temperature it powers off. The phone's battery will drain quickly and charge unusually quick. At the end of the day my battery will be at around 20% while my friends with iPhone 5's (and older iPhones), there battery will be around 70%. We all use our phones the same amount and charge them overnight. I am currently running iOS 7 but this has been happening since iOS 6. The friends I was referring to are also running iOS 7. THESE PROBLEMS HAPPEN EVERYDAY NOW!! Still not 100% sure what this problem is caused by, although I do have the theory (which has pretty much be proven) about the cold temperature. I think this is only happening to a select number of people because some iPhone 5's must have a defective battery. Today I'm going to the Apple Store again. They WILL be resolving this problem, whether that means replacing my battery or EVEN my phone because I can no longer live with this inconveniencing problem and I am still under warranty.


    - Daniel 

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    Dave Kitabjian Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    This problem has started recently for me on my iPhone 5. I blame iOS 7 since it never happened prior. I was at 40% then it shut down. When I tried to power up, it gave the "connect it to a power cable" symbol. About 1/2 hour later, it let me power it up and showed 40%, but then 1 minute later it shut down again.


    Toggling the "Battery Percentage" off and then on as one person suggested did not recalibrate the percentage. I tried it both while plugged in and unplugged. Whether it will prevent random shutdowns remains to be seen, but I'm not optimistic.


    Looking for a solution!

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    mbadi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Me too! It's frustrating!

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    This happen to my and my wife's iphone 5 more than 5 times now. Always at 34% on the power level indicator. Always in the suburbs.

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    I've had the same thing on my phone a number of times. At first I thought it was altitude as I was noticing it on mountains, but now it's happened at lower altitudes as well when the phone's gotten cold. I think it's getting worse (though no where near daily). I'm going to take a shot at repair/replacement...

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