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I have a btinternet.com address in addition to me.com and gmail.com. I find that i can pick up my emails on my iPhone and iPad but they don't always appear on my Mac. Any suggestions?


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Try disabling your btinternet.com accounts on your iPhone and iPad for a while and see if emails then download to your Mac. Are your iPhone and/or btinternet accounts POP (settings will tell you) and your Mac IMAP? I think that there is some sort of odd email behaviour when the two different protocols are used. Have you tried the BT user forum to see if anyone there can help? Alternatively, BT's help line is there and, if you don't get routed to an off-shore help desk, the UK-based people are very helpful.

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    Thanks for the advise. I found that both my iPhone & iPad had POP protocols with incoming server set to "mail.bt.com" but Mac at "imap.yahoo.com"  SMTP were also "mail.bt.com" on iPhome and iPad but had to change Mac to "Outlook Express" which is what I had set up on Windows PC. Sounds strange for the SMTP on the Mac but it seems to work. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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    I am not sure that I understand what you have done but, if it works, great! If you find that it doesn't work in future, try deleting the accounts and then adding (re- adding) them back in. Apple seems to do a fair job at entering in all the right details for btinternet.com email accounts so all you need to enter yourself is your username and password. An oddity, however, is that it creates a POP account on iPhone and iPad, and an IMAP one on iMac (or, at least it did on my devices).

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    Hi again

    I spoke to soon, error messages appeared. You have described exactly what I have on my devices ie

    POP on iPhone and iPad and IMAP on Mac (and the sever is Imap.yahoo.com (not bt). The issue I have is that receipt of emails to bt address seem to be intermittent on the Mac although I receive all on both my Phone & Pad. I'm using 10.8.3 on a new Mac and it appears that there is little flexibility is setting up the accounts. I have deleted and reloaded the bt account many times but the inteermittent element still occurs. The BT forums relate mostly to old versions of the software. I think it is a Mac (Mountain Lion) issue. I'll go into the local Apple shop and see if they can shed some light on it. Thanks anyway

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    Sounds like we have the same setup. I am away from home right now but I'll check my iMac email settings and report back. I agree that this is likely to be a ML related issue.