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i am having a bit of an issue.


i run windows 7 and mac os on the same computer on different hard drives in this computer. i also have a "mac" keyboard. i am not sure how this may be different from a "windows keyboard" but the point is i need to use this keyboard because it matches the one on my laptop which is a mac.


when i switch to windows on this machine i always end up deleting information because the CMD + X and CMD + V cut and paste shortcuts on Mac OS are not the same in windows. windows requires (currently) CTRL + X and CTRL + V. so when i got to cut and paste in windows CTRL + X (this is my habitual way of working) and then i run a CTRL + V i end up writing /over/ the text i selected with a "x" and i end up pasting /over/ the text i selected to paste over with a "v". this is because instead of running a cut and paste, this set of shortcuts in windows simply enters "x" and "y" respectively since the shortcut is not active.


does anyone know where i set these in windows OS and in mac OS?


also, does anyone know if it is possible to set how many UNDOS i can do in either of these OS's or to know how many i can in fact undo?




long story background:

1. while i may move to a windows keyboard on the computer i am using (because the mac keyboards these days end up losing keys and they end up very wobbly) i cannot do this for the laptop machine so this may not make a lot of sense if i end up also running windows on the laptop which is my intention at some point.


2. CTRL + X is a very long stretch on the mac keyboard so rather than switching mac shortcuts to accommodate windows shortcuts i am thinking to switch windows shortcuts to mac ATM.


3. this is no small issue! i just went to copy and paste this text so i could save it for myself in order to explain to someone else and i ended up overwriting with a "c". if i had not thought fast and remembered to UNDO by hitting CTRL - X and not CMD - X i might have lost all my work.

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