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i have a 3DConnexion Spacepilot and have religiously downloaded the drivers for this hardware.



i am currently using the 3.28.2013 driver for this device.






unfortunately, the device seems to constantly drop off of the radar and almost all of the time it is not working in the software that i have loaded in windows 7 64 bit in parallels 8.



i have tried unplugging and plugging back in the USB connexion, i have tried keeping it plugged into the back of the machine (near the bus of the motherboard i guess), i have checked to see that the device is listed in Devices (see screenshot):



https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttr8g2r6dmbvk7k/Screen%20Shot%202013-04-13%20at%201.50 .17%20PM.png



i have also been religiously updating my parallels since version 5.



this device has no problem being recognized by windows 7 in my Boot Camp installation and i am wondering what is up.



anyone using bootcamp or perhaps a VM have any suggestions?






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